Arrtech Prima SP and XP hunting rifles

Arttech launches new pump-action and straight-pull rifles in Australia

Two brand-new, quick-shooting centrefire hunting rifles — one straight-pull, one pump-action — will hit the market in March, both with sub-$2000 pricing.

Turkish manufacturer Arttech Defence produces the hunting rifles with the Prima model name, the pump-action designated the XP and the straight-pull labelled the SP.

They are chambered for .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield and .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges, the first two with four-round box magazines, the magnum with a three-round box magazine.

Arttech has been manufacturing shotguns and pistols for almost 50 years and, like some other Turkish gun makers, has recently added rifles to its list of products. 

Both the XP and SP share many common design elements, including having identical bolts with rotating heads.

The upper receiver is made from steel for strength, with the barrel attached to it.

The lower receiver is aluminium alloy, saving weight where strength is not the key issue. 

Arrtech Prima SP action
Arrtech Prima SP straight-pull bolt action in the open position

The straight-pull action works in a similar way to the shotguns that have become so popular in Australia, with a cocking handle pulled back by the shooter and a return spring to close the action again.

Unusually, the pump-action also features a return spring to close the action after the shooter pulls back on the forend-mounted pump. The intention is to facilitate quicker, smoother cycling of the action. 

The rifles are available with a polymer stock with options of black or camouflage, and the SP adds the choice of a walnut stock. 

One neat touch is that the butt stocks can be adjusted for cast-on or cast-off by fitting an angled shim, improving their fit for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Prima models are all fitted with open fibre-optics sights as well as a Picatinny rail.

Arrtech Prima XP action
Arrtech Prima rifles come with a Picatinny rail as well as open sights. This is the XP pump action

Prices vary depending on configuration. As of the initial release in January 2023, the entry-level price at the cheaper dealers is around $1600, while the dearest model — the walnut SP in .300 Win Mag — should come in under $2000 from any dealer.

See the rifles in detail and in use in this video produced by distributor NIOA:




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