Beyond The Divide brings hunting back to Australian television screens next week.

Beyond The Divide is back!

Since 2013, Beyond The Divide has broken new ground in this country, bringing hunting to television with its highly successful Series 1 and 2. The good news is that the wait is over and Beyond The Divide returns to CH44 with Series 3, proudly presented by Beretta Australia, starting next week.

The Antenna Awards recognise excellence in community television, and last year at the event held in Federation Square, Melbourne, BTD was nominated in two categories and was awarded “Most Outstanding Outdoor Program”

“Over the last 12 months we’ve been hard at it again, and have filmed across four continents with hunts taking place from Australia, NZ, Africa and the US” says producer Rob Fickling. “As always, these hunts are completely free range and the series kicks off from next Thursday with an exciting episode hunting South Australian fallow bucks in the rut”.

Throughout the series viewers will get to see fallow, red, sika and sambar hunts, as well as a an archery drop camp backcountry adventure in Idaho and an amazing insight into truly wild Africa with a Cape Buffalo hunt in the Caprivi strip of Namibia.

“It’s been a big year and it’s hard to pick a favourite, but the series opens with some really exciting hunts, particularly because they are rut hunts – and there is nothing quite like fallow bucks and red stags in full voice” says Rob.

“Our backcountry Sika hunt is also a standout for me as I love getting into the wilderness, and it’s been great to also bring in our first Sambar hunt, from the heart of the Alpine National Park in Victoria.

“With so much hype and misinformation about African hunting in the press recently, it’s timely to note that the hunt in Namibia was definitely one of my favourites.  I went there for a reason as I wanted to showcase the world leading game management that takes place there, and how the conservancy system is set up to benefit locals from sustainable game management. These episodes really do make some great viewing as one thing for sure, is when you step onto he ground in wild Africa, you take a step down the food chain. Just wait until you see what unfolds when we get in close with wild lions and Cape buffalo and then help out a local village with a government issued, problem animal permit for a particularly dangerous bull hippo”.

National Screening times for Series 3 of Beyond The Divide are as follows:

Melbourne: Thursday April 30, 9pm

Adelaide: Thursday April 30, 9pm

Sydney: Tuesday May 5, 9pm

Brisbane: Tuesday May 5, 9pm

Perth: Tuesday May 5, 8.30pm

For those in regional areas web streaming is available via the BTD website and for Foxtel viewers Series 1 starts from Mid-July on the Aurora channel.

For more detailed information check out the website or Facebook page, and for a taste of what’s coming up, watch the promo below.




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