Channel 7 Scaremongering – Sydney Shot Show 2016

Over the weekend Chanel 7 graced the Sydney shot show with their presence. Chanel 7 have never been known to let facts get in the way of a good story and this visit was no different.

The Sydney SSAA shot show took place at Rosehill race course, with over 15,000 people in attendance over the 2 day event.

It was impressive to see so many passionate hunters and shooters turn up to the show. Many travelling great distances with families in tow. Most attendees were there to pick up a show bargain and see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

I witnessed Channel 7 arrive at the show. Call me pessimistic, but my very first thought was what spin they will put on the show. My gut was more than likely paint the industry in some form of negative light to the public. Channel 7 did not disappoint with the expected gun control slant once again being pushed.

The Channel 7 reporter and crew were all smiles as they went through the show looking for anything they could heavily cut or twist to suit their agenda. They cherry picked and cut the life out of every interview and clip to paint their false picture of the show.

Before the announcer opened his mouth, it was clear where the article was heading, particularly when a pair of sawn off shotguns started spinning next to his head. I was working at the show the entire weekend, but missed the sawn off shotgun booth.

Channel 7 went on to proclaim collectors attending the show where there to top up their “arsenal”.

Robert Borsak had a 4 minute interview that was cut to a measly 5 seconds. Peter Johnsons was not much longer.

It is very clear as a legal firearms owner what is ahead of us. This article gives a clear picture of what they want the public to ingest and believe. We need to take every possible step to safeguard our rights and entitlements.

On the positive side, there was no doubt that the news report drove up the Sunday numbers. It is true that sometimes any publicity is good publicity

The photos they didnt want the public to see





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