Duck Rescuer Hit By Car at Lake Connewarre

Duck rescuers will stop at nothing to get publicity. even if it means jumping in front of a car doing 1km/h, which on the face of it, resembles a new craze in China where people are jumping in front of vehicles and feigning injuries to get insurance.

The Geelong Advertiser reported Police are investigating after a duck rescuer was allegedly struck by a car driven by a duck hunter at Lake Connewarre.

Police and emergency services were called to the collision on Fitzgerald and Melaluka roads, Leopold soon after 6am yesterday.

The duck rescuer claims she was taken to hospital after suffering a twisted knee, lower back pain and bruising.

If this was not enough an onlooking rescuer was also taken to hospital allegedly suffering shock.

The driver says he has given dashcam footage to police showing he was driving at 1km/h at the time.

Speaking from hospital, the woman who was struck by the car, Bronwen Baker, from Lara, said she had no doubt it was a

deliberate act.

“I just got out of my car and I was getting some gear when the hunters turned up,” Ms Baker said.

“They stopped their car behind us before the driver accelerated and drove straight into me.

“It knocked me forward.

“I was right in his headlights as he shunted forward so it was clearly a very deliberate act.”

However, the driver, who wished to remain anonymous, has disputed the woman’s version of events.

“I was doing a U-turn as I needed to reverse the boat in and this woman refused to get out of the way,” he said.

“I had my horn on and I was slowing down to a complete stop.

“The dashcam footage showed I touched her at 1km/h then went to 0km/h.

“She takes one step back still holding her cigarette and coffee before walking away.”

Andy Meddick, Animal Justice Party MP for Western Victoria, who attended the scene, said the driver must have realised he had struck the woman but still started his day of shooting.

“This aggressive behaviour is disgusting, but, unfortunately, not surprising coming from a man who gets his thrills from shooting and killing wildlife,” Mr Meddick said.

“This week we’ve seen what little regard duck hunters also have for human safety with a Ballarat resident speaking out about their night of terror on the eve of the season as shots were fired just metres from their tent, and today a duck rescuer was driven into leaving her bruised and in shock.”

Victoria Police spokes-woman Alex Day said police were investigating the incident.

“It’s understood a pedestrian was struck by a car around 6.12am,” Ms Day said.

“A 50-year-old female pedestrian sustained minor injuries and did not require treatment.

“The exact cause of the collision is unclear and police will investigate.”




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