FedEx / TNT Contact Cancellation Threatens Security and Firearms Industry Australia Wide

SIFA has called on FedEx / TNT to do the right thing and work with the Australian firearms industry before their decision has broader impacts on public safety, national security and Australia’s economy.

SIFA released this statement

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) is also concerned that given foreign owned FedEx / TNT have made this decision without ANY industry consultation, this will have potential ramifications in the supply of products essential for Australia’s security and public safety, as the Australian firearms industry also plays a crucial role in supplying the law enforcement and defence sectors.

James Walsh Executive Officer of SIFA said“It is quite scary that in Australia a foreign owned business can set up shop, become the major industry player and then cancel essential business services to an entire industry that also services government defence and law enforcement contracts crucial to our sovereignty, safety and security.

“Australia’s highly regulated firearms industry was estimated in 2018 to add $2.4 Billion and 19,000 jobs to the Australian economy. This decision by FedEx/TNT could not come at a worse time and will have a disastrous economic impact on the entire Australian firearms industry, including many family-owned retail businesses who are still battling challenging trading conditions and are more reliant than ever on freight services due to the effects of COVID-19”. “Ultimately the downturn this will cause will cost Australian jobs at a time when they are needed the most” Walsh said.

“Some industry accounts date back 30 years and were assured multiple times that they were secure, then without any warning or consultation they are cancelled by email, giving the entire industry less than 30 days’ notice to develop a new industrywide freight solution. What sort of business treats loyal customers like that?”

This whole situation screams of cancel culture. We are a legitimate Australian industry, yet we are constantly battling for essential business services. We have battled the banks and the insurance companies in the past when they have all tried to de-platform our industry, now it is Australia’s largest provider of freight solutions.” Walsh said.

In 2018 – and on the topic of gun policy – FedEx released the following statement which is still on their website.

FedEx is a common carrier under Federal law and therefore does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their polisy positions or political views.

To read the entire articles from SIFA click the link.




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