Hunter Renee vilified over feral cat kills

Local Bendigo hunter Renee Sullivan has received a torrent of abuse and criticism over the hunting of 3 feral cats that she legally and ethically killed with her compound bow for a local farmer.

The story hit main stream media outlets yesterday where the no brainer subject matter was fiercely debated across major publications and social media platforms.

Newcastle Heralds Mark Kearney opened his article with “Cat killer or wildlife warrior?”

The animal rights activists group also known as the RSPCA weighed into the debate saying that they did not support the hunter’s view, explaining an arrow from even the most competent marksperson did not result in a humane death.

The RSPCA continued to have a shot at bow hunting stating “bow hunting was not the way to control the animal”

“Bow hunting is not an effective method of controlling pest animals, as it is carried out by individual hunters and targeting only one animal at a time.”

“When an animal is fatally shot with a bow, it can take several minutes for them to die and it will suffer severe pain over this period due to the high level of tissue trauma and damage to organs,” Dr Walker said.

“RSPCA Victoria acknowledges that, in certain circumstances, it is necessary to manage populations of wild animals, such as feral cats,” Dr Walker said.

Renee Sullivan share’s herside of thestory with Sporting Shooter Magazine. After she managed to send the cat loving internet into meltdown.

Renee is a dedicated bow hunter that primarily hunts around the Victorian ranges. Her target animals of choice are the native and livestock destroying foxes and feral cats.

“Tuesday afternoon friend Steven Lea took David Lea and myself for a hunt to a local farmer’s property who has been having trouble with feral cats and foxes.”

“During the hunt we managed to spot 5/6 cats hanging around their usual haunts. The cats spotted us and ran in to a log. I set up an in an ambush position 15 metres and waited them out for roughly 2 hours.”

“I posted the hunt picture on social media at 5:30pm on Tuesday afternoon and within minutes I was receiving hateful messages. Trying to keep the peace I decided to remove the post.

“My photo was unfortunately screen shot and posted and every page you could think of, even my local have your say page.”

“I tried to explain the situation multiple times but didn’t seem to resolve anything.”

“I’m a hunter and this what I enjoy doing and nothing will stop this. I have seen photos from multiple hunters with cats smaller than the ones I shot but never received this hate.

Renee, also a former Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services worker, said she was sent dozens of abusive and hateful messages online in the past 24 hours and implored people to do their research on the damage feral cats caused before reaching a conclusion.These peaceful animal crusaders wished death on her and used language that would make a bikie blush.

With all this trolling Renee was blown away by the support she received from the hunting community in particular 1.5k likes from the Hunting Australia Facebook page.

With all this trolling Renee has not been deterred. In the near future she hopes to get her first deer, a massive sambar stag.

Don’t forget to vote online and blow these out of touch keyboard warriors out of sight.

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