Introducing Northern Territory’s Huntress – Casey Hucks

In the coming months we will be featuring Casey’s hunting adventures as she takes on the top end and more. Casey is as keen as they come with ambitions to take on everything Australia has to offer. Casey gives us an insight into what has driven her hunting passion.

From a young age I was engaged in outdoor activities with my family; from fishing, camping, hunting, and general 4wd-ing where I spent 90% of my childhood outside learning from my parents and the traditional owners of our area.

I learnt what was good to eat and hunt and when to hunt it. My dad is a gun enthusiast so at an early age I was taught to shoot. Starting off with a little .22 and a .410 shotgun, As I grew older I moved onto larger calibres. Eventually, dad letting me shoot 90% of his gun collection which included a .300 WINMAG.

We would often shoot pigs, scrubbers and brumbies here and there but it wasn’t till I was almost finished high school that we got a collection of pigging dogs and starting hunting them with knives. I got my first big boar with my pig sticker when I was about 18.

What interests me almost completely revolves around the outdoors. I ride horses and motorbikes, I compete in rodeos, I love photography and have a small hobby photography business. Fishing and camping are still a huge part of my life and of course hunting is a big interest. I’ve only ever really hunted the territory but recently I’ve wanted to expand to other game wherever that would take me. A common goal I share with my partner to hunt the 6 species of deer in Australia.

My main weapon of choice is a Baikal .308/12gauge combo that my dad owns. It’s a great short little gun and being a combo comes in handy for nearly any situation! However, I now own a stunning Parker hale Safari .270 which is yet to take its first trophy in my hands but all in good time.

I just started out using a compound bow. I received a Bear Cruzer (in purple camo) for my birthday and have been obsessed ever since, she is my pride and joy, again haven’t had a victim yet except the targets but hoping to start off with some feral donkeys and pigs.

It is hard to comment on all my hunts but a few stand out. Obviously my first big boar with the knife and another big boar recently with the .308. But one of my biggest achievements in my mind is when I took my first Feral Buffalo here in the NT with our trusty .308. It was a huge adrenaline rush and just one of my proudest moments. I shared this experience with my awesome mum who is also a keen hunter. A great mother/daughter day for sure.

I guess some of the challenges I face up here is working shift work at a local mine puts a strain on my hunting time, having to wait for the weeks off to head out. The heat and the wet can be challenging. During the wet season it is especially hard to go anywhere off road but it also brings on Barra season so I guess I can sacrifice.

I just wanted to say that hunting and the rewards we get out of it is a way of life to me and my family; it isn’t just killing animals because we can, we put a lot of time effort and money, and blood, sweat and tears into some of our hunts and you learn new tactics, skills and knowledge every time you step out and I sure want to be doing it all my life and hopefully get to my goal of getting all 6 deer species and then onto the next challenge.




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