Invasive Species Council Continue Push to Declare Deer as Pests

The Invasive Species Council continue their push to have deer declared as a pest animal in NSW. They have challenged Premier Mike Baird to take action on what they state as the “most urgent feral animal threat”.

The Invasive Species Council again pushing the Rusa deer as being a major problem. They target Rusa as they are the only deer visible to an urban population, namely the Illawarra.

Rusa become quite visible during the rut and a few stags become disorientated as they wonder into suburbia for a mate. These photos are then used to peddle their agendas and dramatize the situation.

Wollongong City Council declares deer a “priority pest” but this does not create enforcement powers. State-wide wild deer are still classed as a game animal.

The NSW Natural Resources Commission (NRC) has delivered its report to the Government, recommending deer be listed as a pest.

Invasive Species Council CEO Andrew Cox said feral deer were “out of control” and a policy shift away from appeasing the hunting lobby was overdue.

“For years their numbers have been allowed to grow, and now we’re suffering the consequences – they are a major environmental threat to Australia’s oldest national park, the Royal, and are becoming a menace on our roads,” he said.

“It is important the Baird Government back the overwhelming majority of the 400 submissions to the draft report that regard deer as an environmental, agricultural and social menace rather than cave in to narrow hunting interests determined to maintain deer’s status as a protected species.”

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the NRC’s report delivered on an election promise to review pest management. “The NSW Government knows all too well the impact pest animals can have on the State’s primary industries, environment, economy and society – that’s why it is important we consider improved ways of management,” he said.

“We’ll now thoroughly consider the NRC’s findings, and any changes that need to be made, prior to the public release of the final report and the NSW Government’s response.”

There is no argument that deer need to be controlled like any introduced animal to an environment. It seems the people That are screaming the loudest also screamed when they introduced plans to open hunting in National Parks.




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