Jim Shockey Sets The Haters Straight

Jim Shockeyisa popular target for anti-hunters, being one of the mostprominent hunters in the USA. This week he shared a response to one of the many hatefulmessages that he receives.

Jim Shockey facebook page. This will be a long one.

I don’t get many messages like this, although my record for “death threats” from animal rights and anti-hunting extremists is 88 in one 24-hour period.

Regina is one of those people who hates everyone who shoulders the personal and heavy responsibility to provide for their family and friends.

Regina is one of those who perceives the act of providing for a family as “murder” and that people who provide for their families have “perverted fun” when doing so.

“Murder” is the word she used, which by definition is “the premeditated taking of one human life by another human.” So she is mistaken, at the very least, in that regard.

Semantics aside, strangely, Regina and I agree on one point, not with her vitriolic hate of course, I don’t “hate” anyone, but we agree that the act of taking ANY life should never be “fun”…or indeed it is “perverted.”

But that isn’t what Regina is trying to say in her nasty prejudiced way. No. Regina has jumped to the judgemental conclusion that all her fellow human beings who live the “field to table” lifestyle are “scum.”


So does Regina (and her tubular thinking ilk) think the 10 or so BILLION animals that we humans KILL AND EAT EVERY SINGLE DAY (including the 103 shrimp I ate yesterday) to sustain our human existence should not be killed? That we should not eat? That we should all starve?

Or is Regina saying those beautiful waving fields of soy beans, waiting to be harvested and turned into tofu, growing on land that was formerly home to an entire ecosystem full of “magnificent” wild animals, should be returned to natural habitat…and that the people who rely on tofu for subsistence…should starve?

Is she trying to say that wild animals like deer and ducks should not be served as venison or “a l’orange,” but cows and pigs are ok to kill and eat? Chickens too? Is she saying that those types of animals can be “murdered” by humans for consumption because they are not “magnificent?”

If that’s the case, what do those animals have to do to become “magnificent?” Who decides what living creatures get to be “magnificent?”

What living animals are ok for humans to kill and eat, and what animals are ok to kill by plowing their homes under and replacing those wild animal burrows, dens and nests with sterile horticultural monocultures destined for vegetarian pie holes?

Philosophically speaking, what makes one life more valuable than another? All my domesticated livestock friends can’t talk, so I just thought I’d ask on their behalf…

Or is Regina simply saying, in her ignorance of what “hunting” is about, that hunters take pleasure in the act of taking life?
Because if that is what Regina thinks hunters are like, she is wrong.

No true hunter enjoys the actual act of “killing” anything. In actual fact, True hunters are deeply saddened by the act of taking life. But true hunters also do not shirk from the truth. They do not live in delusion or countenance hypocrisy, they do not deceive themselves into thinking human life can be sustained other than with balance…with the taking of life.

That said, hunters do take great pride in the “hunt,” the entire process of independence and self-reliance, pride in providing for their family, friends and others who appreciate and understand the simple and undeniable truth, that life begets death, begets life, begets death, begets life.

Simple. Undeniable. Truth.

Is it that Regina can not handle that absolute truth? Maybe that truth causes cognitive dissonance in her narrow-minded “tubular” way of thinking? Maybe the world isn’t the way she wants it to be, and she is simply lashing out at the easiest target…the messengers who, by example and without apology, live the truth?

Or maybe Regina’s attack is her way of crying out for help?

Just for a moment, imagine trying to live in Regina’s reality, a reality that can exist only where truth is denied. Where facts are ignored, and ALL humans must be pathological altruists like Regina to be “civilized!”

Imagine how angry and hurt you would be when someone doesn’t join in your hate and protest; doesn’t spit and spew vitriol with you; doesn’t buy into your negative rhetoric, bias and prejudice, your stereotyping, vilifying and marginalizing?

Imagine how distraught Regina must get when someone holds up their hand and says, “Ahh, sorry Reginas of the world, but shouldn’t the truth matter?”

Poof! Gone!

Contrived realities can only exist in the oblivion of absolute public obsequiousness. Can only exist where kings wear no clothes.

Regina’s reality can only exist in human “Dark Ages.”

And that one question is all it takes.

One dissenting voice.

One person willing to stand before the “Reginas” of the world and speak an opinion that is profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.

One heretic.

I feel sorry for Regina and her kind…because in spite of how they would like it to be otherwise…this world is full of heretics who are willing to stand up and ask that question…”Shouldn’t the truth matter?”

(We blurred out her last name and face to protect her)




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