Southern Courier's front page - not again!

Local Paper is against lawful gun owners

Not this again …

Southern Courier Facebook post
Southern Courier Facebook post

Readers will recall our 6th september article on a prominent Federal Labor MP beating up a story against ANZAC Rifle Range’s safety procedures which was patently a stitch-up, proven by a correction article the following week, where the NSW Rifle Association was given more adequate column inches to explain the true situation. This was no doubt prompted in substantial part by our article and the resultant negative social media tidal waveof response on the Southern Courier Facebook page by those sympathetic to law-abiding shooters.

In what appears to be an exercise in crabby sour grapes revenge, the same local weekly has come out with a rehash of Green anti-gun David Shoebridge’s not-so recent media faux “expos√©” targeting the electorates that had the most legally owned firearms in the state. Of course Shoebridge was trying to whip up hysteria, like he normally does when there is no real story to tell. He needs to keep up the momentum of his false narrative whereby all civilians are eventually disarmed and the only people to have guns are the police and the Defence Forces. What a great Utopia we would then become – NOT!

The offending Southern Courier article, which is headlined on the front page, expresses cringeful alarm that “they are just private people with what are, in effect, private arsenals.” Another priceless excerpt from the mouth of this hardline watermelon is, “Something is broken in our firearm laws when people are allowed to build up this kind of weaponry.”

Page 7 of the Southern Courier
Page 7 of the Southern Courier

We know this is highly emotive bullshit which gets trotted out again and again when antis have nothing worthwhile to offer and they just want to put us on the back foot. Their fellow travellers (including the journalists at this paper, which one of my mates refers to as “The Scurrilous”) have to manufacture these column inches because they are losing so much political ground to rational, well argued pressure from people, political parties and networking firearm owner organisations all around the country, that licensed firearms owners and their well-secured tools are not and never have been, the problem.

Go after the bikies and terrorists instead and see what response you get.

Footnote: an interesting and relevant aside is that The Sydney Moning Herald has just reported that there is real trouble in the NSW Greens camp, with Shoebridge being the object of ire from several MPs.




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