Check out Sporting Shooter editor Marcus O'Dean's favourite YouTube videos for this week.

Marcus’s Vids of the Week #10

Here’s another fine collection of video treats from the ruminations of our esteemed ed. Some informative and useful, others just for fun, so enjoy!


Giving cavities the bullet

There are different techniques to clean your teeth. There’s the standard up and down and circular motions and then there is the Japanese nutbag method, where you strap your toothbrush to an automatic pistol and use the recoil slide to provide an effective plaque removal tool. Or perhaps the guy with what appears to be a gas-powered ball-bearing pistol is the plaque removal tool. You decide.

Fiddly faffing for fresh primers

So you can’t make it to the gun shop for a fresh bag of primers and you just have to get in a few hours of handloading. Here’s a video that shows you how to reprime your primers using caps from cap guns and then reload with slugs recovered from a range. It’s fiddly as all get out and if you don’t have a steady hand, then it looks like it’ll drive you nuts. Watch to the end for the results.

Reckon your 50 cal BMG is solid?

Check out the flex in the barrel and scope on this 50BMG. Recorded in super slow motion, you can see clearly see the end of the scope wobble and the barrel flex from the sheer force of the .50 calibre shot. Now that’s power!

The Coriolis Effect experiment

The earth rotates west to east and that means it effects the aiming of long-range shots. While you wouldn’t want to shoot game at these distances, it’s an interesting look at how the earth’s rotation will cause your bullets to drop higher or lower. Handy for competition shooters.

Snipers of the silver screen

So who are the coolest movie snipers? Here’s a list of 10 of the best. From The Day of the Jackal to Saving Private Ryan to Enemy at the Gates, these fictional sharp shooters celebrate the skill of a long shot and make you want to rifle through the video collection to watch some old classics.




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