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Marcus’s Vids of the Week #11

Another collection of hunting related videos from Sporting Shooter editor Marcus O’Dean. This week we feature a couple of musical numbers from celebrity hunter Steve Lee, another opinion piece from NRA spokesperson Natalie Foster, some terrific photography during a hunting trip in Queensland, and the pigs have no chance against a chopper carrying skilled shooters.


The Lucky Country – Protected by the SFP

The campaign for the 2015 NSW State Election is continuing with the Shooters and Fishers Party taking a tried and true approach with country singer and celebrity hunter Steve Lee producing a song that sums up the principles of the party. Lee, whose album I Like Guns received international attention, sings about all the rights and culture we’re losing under corrupt government: “All this madness of control/ is taking away our soul”.

I Like Guns

Celebrity Australian hunter and country singer Steve Lee shot to international fame (particularly in the US) with his song I Like Guns. There’s not much ambiguity about the message of the song and the YouTube film clip is a celebration of all kinds of guns all the way up to an RPOG that Lee uses to make a mess of a Toyota Camry. It’s achieved nearly 5million hits and is a fun, rolling country tune that most of us can relate to.

Natalie Foster for NRA News: “Not Guilty”

The very watchable NRA news commentator Natalie Foster has a series of YouTube videos that highlight the frustration of law abiding firearms owners and her latest one, entitled “Not Guilty” speaks out against the knee-jerk reactions after terrible shooting tragedies. Foster laments the media for drawing parallels between criminals with gun and American gun owners effectively tarring and feathering the reputation of law-abiding people. “I am not guilty!” she says.

Hunters and Gatherers

“Don’t go in looking for what you expect to find, it may limit what you see” is the theme behind this Australian hunting video by Rob Smith who documents his two sons’ pig hunting trip on the Culgoa River in southern Queensland. While the hunting is the background for this video, it’s more the thoughts of its producer as he looks for images to shoot with his camera. A good one for those who like to capture the landscape while out in the bush.

HeliHunter – The Best Helicopter Hog Hunting Video Ever!

Hunting from a helicopter is one of the most effective ways of reducing the massive feral pig problem and this video shows just how devastating it can be on boar populations. It’s based in the US so semi-automatic rifles are used in a lot of it, and there are some impressive shots from crossbows. It’s a video that will divide opinion among hunters, as the comments section shows.




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