Check out Sporting Shooter editor Marcus O'Dean's favourite YouTube videos for this week.

Marcus’s Vids of the Week #3

Our esteemed editor Marcus O’Dean has been messing with YouTube during company hours again, which is good for us because he’s found a few more vids that have tickled his fancy, and he’s so much nicer when his fancy gets tickled…


David Shoebridge learns that state forests have been reopened for hunting

Old mate David Shoebridge (The Greens MLC who never seems to have a nice or supportive thing to say about anything at all) was slinging his usual bile at us lot with the announcement of the reopening of state forests to conservation hunting. One clever soul saw it is a chance to dredge up the famous and often parodied footage of Adolf Hitler doing his block from the movie Downfall in his imagining of how Shoebridge took the news. Funny stuff.


Nightforce SHV — Affordable, Versatile Scope for Hunters and Varminters

If you’ve been following all the latest from SHOT Show 2014 then you may have come across this one. It’s a new Shoooter, Hunter, Varminter (SHV) 4-14x56mm rifle scope from Nightforce, which is a brand you can find here in Australia. We love that southern drawl as Nightforce rep Gina talks us through the scope in this short clip.


World’s largest calibre rifle in action .905

From the realms of WTF!? here’s some video of a few dudes firing a .905 rifle – the world’s largest calibre centrefire rifle. It shoots US$40 2400grain bullets at 2100 feet per second with a 25,400ft-lb muzzle velocity and 277ft-lb recoil energy, which, according to the mad professor explaining it, is like firing 10 30-06s all at once. Great if you’ve got a dinosaur pest problem in your back yard…


1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit

We’ve seen slow motion bullet impacts before, but perhaps none as artistically represented as they are in this video from German professional measuring equipment makers Kurzzeit. The 1 million frames per second action is slowed dramatically so you see exactly what happens when a range of projectiles hits various surfaces, some penetrative, some solid so the bullet peels apart like a banana.


Okay, it’s not gun related, but it’s good for a laugh. This advert for beans is also a showcase for an animation company, which has produced the best baked bean promotion since Tim Brooke Taylor in the Goodies. Clever and very funny.




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