More land near St Ives Pistol Club a win for shooters

The 1.2 hectares of land being resumed is from a former quarry

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Borsak today announced the success of his party’s negotiations with the NSW Government on the resumption of 1.25 hectares of the Ku-ring-gai National Park adjacent to St Ives Pistol Club.

“This decision is a great win for target shooters and those who use the St Ives Pistol Club,” Mr Borsak said.

“It will secure the Club’s continued success for the next 200 years.”

“We’ve been negotiating closely with the Government to make this land available for the St Ives Pistol Club, and I’m pleased to say that our efforts have been successful.”

“St Ives Pistol Club is the only club of its kind between the Parramatta River and Palm Beach. The Club’s location and increasing membership raises a strong argument for the expansion of its existing facilities, and the increasing mainstream appeal of target shooting.

“We want to see more people taking up target shooting as a sport and this will achieve just that. Some may be surprised to learn that target shooting is one of the safest recreational sports with the lowest insurance premiums and fewer claims than many ball sports.

“The 1.2 hectares of land being resumed is from a former quarry with remnants of its former usage. The land is full of weeds and has no biodiversity significance whatsoever.  It’s common sense for it not to be classed as a National Park.”

Mr Borsak added that as part of the decision 140 hectares of land near Heathcote would be added to the National Park.

“The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has a strong record at delivering for target shooters. 

“As recently as 2006 we secured 1,000 hectares of land from the Bargo State Conservation Area to establish the Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex,” he said.

With the Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex decision, only 2,800 hectares of land was added back to the National Park as an offset.

The decision will come before the NSW Parliament as part of the National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Adjustment of Areas) Bill 2016.  It will be debated in the Legislative Council late today or early tomorrow.





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