New Stoney Creek Altitude Jacket

The Stoney Creek ALTITUDE Jacket, with Primaloft insulation arrived yesterday from Tasmania. As I pulled it out of its plastic wrapper, I instantly knew that this garment was “a cut above” the normal run of hunting gear, which has already reached a high level of quality and performance. 

This jacket is definitely classy, characterised by a fine, cotton-type, microfibre, light-olive-green outer fabric that has been treated to resist weather and dirt. It is cut to cover the kidneys and top of the buttocks for real comfort. Inside, it is quilted with a breathable similar-coloured silk-like fabric that immediately envelops you in a cosy warmth, without promoting perspiration. The black microfibre collar inner adds further to the comfort level and the handwarmer pockets are just right for this style of clothing. What’s more, they compress to a tiny bundle and weigh about half a kilo; a lot of performance in a tiny packed package.

I am thoroughly impressed by this jacket and know that it will perform and last. For $189 RRP, it is an investment in comfort and style that you could happily wear as a casual jacket at a weekend function. Stoney Creek’s technical specs appear below.

Marcus O’Dean


The quiet microfibre has been chosen for its ability to cut the wind, shed water and dirt, while not feeling like a plastic bag and keeps noise down.

Unlike other Down garments, the Altitude Primaloft Jacket won’t lose it’s loft when it gets wet, so you will stay warm and protected when the weather turns against you.

Primaloft Sport

Primaloft Sport Insulation is a premium performance insulation fabric, engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility.

Primaloft Sport Insulation keeps the body warm, dry and comfortable even in extreme conditions.

Fine fibres are engineered for permanent water resistance and create tight surface tension that resists moisture penetration. Primaloft Sport Insulation dries faster than Goose down.

Primaloft Sport Insulation – originally developed for the US Army as a water resistant alternative to down, Primaloft Sport is globally recognised as the world’s best synthetic insulation. Primaloft Sport Insulation is used where performance and comfort are paramount.

    Primaloft Sport Insulation (100g in the body and 60 g in the sleeves)
    Lightweight – weighs just 550 grams
    Packs down to 27 x 20 x 13 cm.
    Water resistant.
    Full zip.
    Zip up handwarmer pockets and for secure storage.
    The left hand pocket doubles as a stash pocket to store the jacket. When packed up use as a pillow.
    Teflon DWR on fabric to repel water and dirt.
    Microfibre lined extra high collar to seal in the warmth when the breeze gets up.
    Stormflap behind the zip keeps the whole jacket windproof.




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