No Evidence That The National Cabinet Banned Guns and Ammo Sales

Firearms owners and retailers from Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia have been discriminated against since the start of this pandemic.

The bans in Victoria came after Police Minister Lisa Neville issued a media release that said:

The sale of firearms and ammunition for sporting or recreational purposes will be temporarily banned, following deliberations by the National Cabinet.”

VICTORIA’S Police Minister and firearms registry say they based their decision to ban gun shops from selling firearms and

ammunition to recreational shooters on a decision of National Cabinet.Except that there appears to be no evidence that National Cabinet reached any consensus on the matter”.

Victoria Police also advised dealers much the same thing. In an email sent to every dealer in the state, VicPol said:

“Following a decision by National Cabinet, the Licensing and Regulation Division has been advised there will be a suspension of all firearm transactions including the sale, hire and loan of firearms and ammunition for the reasons of Sport or Target Shooting, Clay Target Shooting and Recreational [sic] hunting”

The National Shooting Council continues to back the shooters of Australia building its case and can not find anything on the “The PM’s website, which carries communiques from National Cabinet. The website contains no reference to any discussion on firearms – and certainly no decisions. There is no record of the PM mentioning this..”.

The National Shooting Councils beliefs are correct then the deliberate nature of what has happened amplifies the reason why this council is going to seriously consider going for damages if we can prove wrongdoing.

No wonder shooters are angry.

Parliament should be as well. The Premier Daniel Andrews and his government have suspended the operation of state parliament and instead running the state by an eight member committee of ministers, one of whom is Victoria’s police minister. This denies every other MP from the ability to question the government’s decisions, such as this one.

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