NSW Firearm Figures – Proposed Two-Gun Limit

It would not be an election campaign without scaremongering and propaganda about Australians and their gun ownership.

For LAFO it is the song that never ends. It would not be a gun control article withoutPort Arthur and the US gun culture getting a mention. Not once is it mentioned that the numberof licenced (police approved) gun owners and the number of guns they own, having no influence on the criminal use of the firearms.

Gun Control Australiawant all hunters and shooters to be restricted to owning just two guns. For many this would be like playing golf with a one wood and a putter.

The alarmist article from the Sydney Morning Herald highlights “for the first time since the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre, the number of registered firearms in NSW has exceeded one million”.

Data released by Gun Control Australia reveals 90,000 guns were registered in the last two years.

Among them, an Eastgardens gun owner has 305 firearms in their arsenal, with one Mosman resident owning 285 and

another in North Sydney holding 268.

With the NSW population approaching eight million, Greens MP David Shoebridge was shocked to hear the million-mark had been broken.

“If you walk down the street, and imagine one gun in the hands of every eighth person you walk past, it gives you a sense of just how many guns are actually out there,” he said.

According to research from the University of Sydney, NSW last had over a million guns in circulation in 1999.

Gun Control Australia has also made a number of recommendations for political parties to “embrace at the coming NSW


Among those is for a two-gun limit per individual licence holder, excluding collectors or those with an exceptional reason. The recommendation comes after it was revealed by Gun Control Australia that 100 individuals across the state own more than 70 firearms.

Australia spent a lion’s share of a billion dollars after Port Arthur and yet Gun Control Australia are still not happy.

“The ability to accumulate more than up to 100 guns each is absurd; the system is broken, and it’s just not working as it should be,” Ms Lee said.

Captain of the Alpine Hunting and Target Shooting Club at Malabar, Mark Guest, explained that the reason NSW has more than a million registered guns is due to the “freedom culture” of the sport, which is “very exciting and attractive to a great deal of Australians”.

He said the two-gun limit recommendation was the result of “the nanny state going mad”, noting that gun owners often will “store multiple firearms for a large number of club members of friends”.

Many shooters also hunt multiple game animals that require different firearms, as well as sporting events requiring different firearms for each event, he said.

Gun Control Australia is also calling for youth permits to be abolished. Throughout 2016 to last year, 21,645 permits were given to children aged 12 and over.




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