For the 2015 Victorian duck season, the bag limit will be five birds per day, except on opening day.

Reduced bag limit for 2015 Victorian duck season

Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford today announced a full-length duck hunting season of 12 weeks with restrictions to the daily bag limit.

The daily bag limit will be 10 ducks on opening day, with a five per day bag limit for the remainder of the season.

Below average rainfall for the past two years has reduced duck numbers and habitat. As a result, the Game Management Authority recommended that a reduced bag limit is necessary to ensure the sustainability of duck populations.

On the opening Saturday of the season, no more than two game ducks per daily bag limit can be Blue-winged Shovelers. This will then be reduced to one Blue-winged Shoveler per daily bag for the remainder of the season.

The decision to modify the Victorian season mirrors the South Australian Government’s decision to reduce its daily bag limit in response to low duck numbers and reduced habitat.

Quotes attributable to Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford

The changes to the 2015 duck season in Victoria reflect the fact that poor rainfall over the past two years has affected native duck numbers and breeding and habitat availability across eastern Australia.”

“Duck hunting is a popular recreational activity in Victoria, with more than 26,000 people licensed to hunt game ducks.”

“Anyone wishing to take part in the 2015 duck season must have passed a Waterfowl Identification Test to demonstrate that they can correctly identify which species are allowed to be hunted.”

“Hunters are reminded to act safely and responsibly at all times while enjoying their hunting.”

Key points

• The 2015 duck hunting season will commence on Saturday 21 March at 7.10am in the eastern zone, 7.20am in the central zone and 7.30am in the western zone, and closes half an hour after sunset on Monday 8 June, 2015.

• Hunting in Victoria is worth about $439 million according to a recent survey of the state’s 47,000 licensed game hunters.

• Victoria’s game ducks are: Pacific Black Duck; Grey Teal; Hardhead; Mountain Duck; Pink-eared Duck; Wood Duck; Blue-winged Shoveler; and Chestnut Teal.

• The Game Management Authority (GMA) regulates all game hunting in Victoria, and the Victorian Hunting Guide and the Game Hunting Victoria smartphone application will be available prior to the start of the season to reflect the current hunting arrangements.

• The GMA website ( contains the most up-to-date information on the arrangements for duck hunting and testing.

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