Sauer 505

Sauer 505: made for beauty and precision with an all-new action

Sauer has launched the brand new 505 model with a new action, switch-barrel capability and a host of both new and familiar features — and it claims this might be the world’s most beautiful rifle. 

The new action has supremely smooth bolt movement, according to Sauer, promoting faster and more silent operation of the rifle. It’s bolt is a full-diameter design with six locking lugs in two rows.

Sauer 505
Some of the variations available with the new Sauer 505

Sauer has made the receiver from steel (16MnCr5) and touts its strength as one of its key features. Barrel are retained in the front ring by bolts that clamp it tight from below.

The cold hammer forged barrels, long a source of Sauer’s renowned accuracy, come standard and magnum lengths of 51 and 62cm respectively (20 and 24 inches). The factory will also offer options of 42, 47 and 56 cm (16.5, 18.5 and 22 inches). 

The barrels have a sporter contour with a 17mm diameter but a heavier 19mm barrel is an option. Highland models have a fluted barrel to save weight.

On top, the receiver is set up to accept Sauer’s proprietary Saddle Mount, a quick-detach design guaranteed to return to zero when the scope is reattached.   

Sauer 505 action
The 505’s action is new, with a super-slick bolt and the excellent Quattro trigger

The Quattro trigger group, carried over from the Sauer 404, is inserted into the bottom of the action and has four pre-set let-off weights of just 350, 750, 1000 and 1250 grams.

The trigger’s length of pull is adjustable through a range of 8mm and you can also angle it left or right through up to 5°, an advantageous system that tailors the trigger to fit your hand. 

The 505 has Sauer’s manual cocking system at the rear of the bolt, whereby a thumb-operated button cocks and de-cocks the rifle so you can have a round in the chamber without any risk of the rifle inadvertently being fired. It is quick and silent, so perfect for hunting. 

A total of 19 calibres are offered: a mini action for the .222 and .223; medium action for .243, 6.5×55, 6.5 CM, .270, 7×64, .308, .30-06, 8×57 IS, 9.3×62; short magnum action for 6.5 PRC, .270 WSM and 8.5×55 Blaser; magnum action for 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, 8x68S and .375 H&H; and a Swiss action for the 10.3x60R. Calibres will be phased in over time.

Sauer 505
An adjustable comb is available with some of the stocks

A range of walnut, polymer and carbon-fibre stocks are available, all of two-piece construction. Some have adjustable comb height. The walnut stocks can be chosen from Grade 2 to 10, depending on how deep your pockets are. 

At this point Australian customers will be able to choose the synthetic ErgoMax and Synchro XT and the Grade 2 walnut ErgoLux and Ergo Compact stocks, while the carbon Synchro XTC available on special order.

The 505 weighs around 3.5kg bare, or 3.2 with the carbon stock.

If you think there’s a fair bit of Sauer 404 DNA in the 505, you’re right, and even stocks are compatible between the two models.

Sauer 505
The button at the back of the bolt cocks and de-cocks the rifle

Australian pricing has not quite been finalised but we will update this story as soon as we have some idea.

The 505 is distributed here by OSA Australia and should be available in dealers from about April. 

More details are on the Sauer website.

Sauer 505
These are the stock configurations offered for the Sauer 505, though not all will be standard in Australia




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