9.3x62 ammunition

9.3x62mm handloads for buffalo

Q: I recently purchased a Sauer Model 101 in 9.3x62mm mainly for NT buffaloes. As ammunition is not available in a large variety for buffaloes, I have decided to reload.

I have obtained Woodleigh 286gn Hydro and 286gn Weldcore bullets. My next issue is powder choice.

I have been considering AR2206H, AR2208, RE-15 and RE-17. I have heard that RE-17 is a consistent performer in the 9.3×62. What is your preferred load for this cartridge? Would RE-17 offer any advantage over RE-15?

Also, I may have a problem with storage of ammo in the NT due to extreme heat and humidity. Will any of the aforementioned powders be affected by these climatic conditions? Would the powder best be kept refrigerated?

– David Lucas

A: I owned a Mauser rifle in 9.3x62mm for many years and used it successfully hunting in Canada. Woodleigh made (and we believe will again make*) excellent big game bullets. I loaded my ammo with AR2206 (discontinued) and AR2208 with good results but I never used RE-15 or RE-17 in my rifle.

Nosler lists a maximum charge of 55.5gn of AR2208 behind the 286gn Partition and solid as giving 2362fps and 58.5gn of RE-15 for 2414fps. Hodgdon lists a compressed charge of 67gn of AR2209 for 2407fps and that’s the charge I’d use.

For storing ammo in the NT keep it in an old worn-out deep freezer or fridge where the temperature will stay cool and stable. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, which could cause a problem with condensation.

*After the fire at Woodleigh earlier in 2022, they are rebuilding and may be in produciton late in the year. We’ll have a story on this shortly.




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