Cruelty offences: The photo posted on Facebook that led to the man's arrest.

Sheep killer sentenced to 12 months’ jail

Warren Alfred Moses has been jailed for 12 months following his role in the slaughter of several sheep on a Mullion Creek property near Orange in NSW in May.

The Orange Local Court heard last week that Moses and two teenagers broke into the property and used pig dogs to maul the sheep while they stabbed and gutted others in an horrendous attack.

Photos of the attack were then circulated on the internet causing uproar among ethical hunters who were then forced to defend the sport.

The photos led to Moses’s arrest and he was subsequently found guilty of several animal cruelty offences, stealing cattle and trespassing.

According to a local newspaper report, police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin called on magistrate Terry Lucas to impose a full prison sentence on the 22-year-old for his role in the slaughter.

Mr Lucas obliged giving Moses a 12-month sentence with a non-parole period of six months.

The two co-accused were not given jail sentences because of their age and they had no prior criminal records.

Moses was on bail for the crime but had his bail revoked after he was involved in an assault in July and has been in custody since.

“This person is an adult and the penalties should be a lot different,” Sergeant Bobin argued in Orange Local Court yesterday.

However Moses’s solicitor Mason Manwaring said the accused should be treated in the same manner because one of the teenagers was only months off turning 18.

“He [Moses] was not the ring leader, he wasn’t the driver of the car, he wasn’t leading anybody,” Mr Manwaring said.

Mr Lucas said despite Mr Manwaring suggesting that Moses may have a brain injury, which could have been an “explanation” for his behaviour, he had no choice but to impose a full-time jail sentence.

“The two pig dogs mauled the sheep … butchered the sheep for want of a better word,” Mr Lucas said.

Moses is eligible for parole on January 14 because of time already spent in custody.




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