Shooters support injured NSW Police

Today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph has again today reported on the Government’s intention to slash Police injury and illness compensation, this time looking at the role that The Shooters and Fishers Party will have in any reform.
It seems that Borsak and Brown are in step with the majority of the population in not wanting to short-change those that lay it all on the line to serve and protect us. I have cherry-picked some of the readers’ comments on the article, a few of which suggest we scrap our longarms registry to fund fair compensation for police – not a bad idea, really.

Marcus O’Dean

Shooters and Fishers Party hold key to NSW Police compensation reforms
By Geoff Chambers – The Daily Telegraph
November 21, 2011 12:00AM
PARLIAMENT could be recalled during the Christmas break after negotiations stalled over controversial changes to the police death and injury compensation scheme.
Government negotiators will meet with police union president Scott Weber and upper house MPs today in a last-ditch effort to introduce legislation before parliament rests on Friday.
Shooters and Fishers Party MP Robert Borsak said his party would only support the legislation if it was backed by the police association.
“There have been wall-to-wall meetings and we know the government is negotiating hard, they’re pulling out all stops to make a deal with the union,” Mr Borsak said.
“It has been indicated we may need to bring parliament back to sort this out because it is such an important issue.”
Treasury documents reveal repeated warnings about blow-outs were ignored by former treasurers Michael Costa and Eric Roozendaal and insurance premiums simply topped up.
Police minister Mike Gallacher said Labor’s inaction had left him with no option but to “proceed with reform”.
The state government claims if nothing is done it could cost up to $2.5 billion over the next four years.
Mr Gallacher said he would work towards securing a deal with the union.
“There are many matters of principle concerning reform . . . that we agree on and I’m hopeful that a pathway to reform will be found,” he said.
Mr Weber, who will lead a march of 1000-plus police to parliament house tomorrow, said they had been let down by the government.
“We can’t rush this through. We need to negotiate with good faith and have proper consultation instead of making moves to slash protection for police officers,” he said.

Reader comments:
DHV of Bungendore Posted at 11:00 AM Today
“I am a law abiding shooter and I am glad that the party representing me in the NSW upper house are applying due diligence to the Governments proposed reforms. To me there are a whole swag of other areas more deserving of cutbacks than our cops. Perhaps the Government could follow Canadas lead and scrap the useless firearms registry to help cover the costs of a better deal for cops?”
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MattG of Armidale Posted at 10:22 AM Today
“Well done to Brown & Borsak – two of of the few truely independent and sensible parliamentarians – taking care of business!!”
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John of Newcastle Posted at 7:37 AM Today
“So the Bully tactics of this Government are meeting opposition. A proper decision by the Shooters Party.”
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Brian Keegan Posted at 6:49 AM Today
“I think that the Government has to face the fact that Policing is a high risk job and that these officers need income protection. Itn is expensive , but you cannot send injured officers and their families to the poor house. They have suffered both physical and mental injuries to protect us. We owe them our support and that includes financial support.”
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