Shooters Union legal assistance program

Shooters Union expands legal assistance program to NSW and WA

Shooters Union is expanding its legal assistance program to include NSW and WA, with lawyers from those states signing on to help members in their fight for a fair go.

Shooters Union has long offered a service for its Queensland members whereby if someone has a licence or PTA rejected, refused or revoked, they can contact SU for a complimentary, no-obligation referral to a qualified firearms lawyer – David Neuendorf of the firm Robert Bax & Associates – to see if the member’s case has merit. 

If it does, Shooters Union pays the Civil Administration filing fees for the case on the member’s behalf. 

The service has assisted more than 400 members, with more than 90% of matters being resolved in the member’s favour.

As a result of the program expansion, Sydney-based CDM Lawyers is now Shooters Union’s preferred lawyers in NSW, while Perth-based Andrews Legal is filling the role in WA.

Led by former senior police prosecutor and now NSW state licensing co-ordinator Craig Murray, and aided by barrister William Wilcher, CDM Lawyers can assist shooters in all aspects of firearm licensing issues, including negotiation, submissions and appeals to the NCAT. 

Perth-based Andrews Legal, led by former WA Police detective Mark Andrews, can help Shooters Union members with nearly all aspects of firearms-related legal wrangling.

Andrews Legal specialises in all aspects of law impacting on the rights of firearms owners including, but not limited to, defending firearms and customs offence criminal charges at trial, sentencing for firearms-related charges, State Administrative Tribunal appeals, the impacts of Violence Restraining Orders on licensed gun owners, and mental health issues affecting firearms licences. 

They provide Shooters Union members in WA with 10 minutes of legal advice via phone at no charge and offer a discounted 45-minute initial consultation for $190, as well as offering Shooters Union members a 25% discount on their regular fees for legal representation.

Shooters Union president Graham Park said the organisation was thrilled to be able to announce the expanded support offering.

“We’ve had amazing results in Queensland but it’s taken a while to ensure we got the best people for the role in other states, and I’m really glad we found them,” he said.

“Our members in NSW and WA now have access to the same top-level support as they do in Queensland. It’s an important part of our membership offering and something we take very seriously.

“A lot of the issues our members face don’t even need to go to a tribunal, they just need a lawyer to help them make their case to the firearms registry, although the option to take it to court is there as well. 

“Our Queensland members have had that for some time, and now our members in NSW and WA do too.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more shooters having their rights protected and getting a fair go with the help of our friendly legal eagles.”

Shooters Union members wishing to use the legal assistance program can do so by e-mailing with all the relevant information. To join Shooters Union visit the website.




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