SIFA and the Nationals Find A Solution to Industry Freight Issue

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) has been working tirelessly to remedy the firearms industry freight issues that saw FedEx / TNT and Northline freight withdraw from any form of industry carriage.

The withdrawal had potential ramifications in the supply of products essential for Australia’s security and public safety. The Australian firearms industry also plays a crucial role in supplying the law enforcement and defence sectors.

SIFA released the following on their facebook page.


SIFA is pleased to announce with sincere thanks to Senator Bridget McKenzie and Senator Dr Sam McMahon, Australia Post and Startrack have developed a freight solution for the Australian Shooting Industry.
Media release:


The Nationals have facilitated a solution to ensure the safe transportation of firearms, after a decision by some commercial carriers left dealers and wholesalers without options to ship their goods.

Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie and Senator Dr Sam McMahon hosted a meeting with Australia Post and national firearms industry representatives in August, with the objective to find solutions.

As a result the carriage of firearms will be available through a range of existing service offerings within Australia Post and Startrack from mid-October.

“Australia Post has thrown a valuable lifeline to all those involved in the industry by offering Parcel Post, Express Post, Secure Accept and Collect, Startrack Express and Startrack Special Services to ensure the safe, secure and reliable transportation of firearms” Senator McKenzie said.

“Not having firearms able to be commercially freighted across the country has severe implications that affect many of our regional industries.

“It is critical the transportation of legal firearms is regarded to be as important as the supply of stock to every other small business around the country.

“From economic, social and environmental perspectives the uninterrupted and guaranteed availability of firearms is crucial to many sectors, and I’m pleased Australia Post has worked with industry representatives to secure a very positive resolution.

“Thankfully this outcome means legal firearm dealers across regional Australia will now be able to use specific Australia Post and Startrack product services. This also allows our farmers and professional and recreational shooters to once again have access to firearms,” Senator McKenzie said.

Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory, Dr. Sam McMahon said it was a positive outcome for rural and regional Australians.

“Viable freight options are necessary so these goods can be safely transported from port to wholesalers and dealers, particularly in places like the NT where we have the additional tyranny of distance compared to places such as Sydney and Melbourne”, Senator McMahon said.

“This resolution means farmers and graziers who need a firearm for pest management or veterinarians who use firearms for humane animal welfare will continue to have access to those products because dealers can now have their stock delivered.

“It also means sporting and social groups who rely on the safe and secure transportation of firearms will continue to enjoy their chosen activity.

“I am glad that the meetings between Australia Post and industry representatives to work through the issues in the firearms transportation space resulted in a number of available options being identified,” Senator McMahon said.

Senator McKenzie and Senator McMahon have welcomed the commitment by Australia Post and industry to continue to work together to find solutions for the carriage of class 1.4S ammunition through their networks, and work together on any challenges in Western Australia.




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