Shooting wild animals is abhorrent, but killing a teenage girl is OK? Excuse me?

Snap Shots: Activists Want To Kill Kendall

Killing Kendall Jones

Animal activists have reached new lows in hate, as detailed in this piece from The Hunters Stand. Apparently it abhorrent to participate in legal and ethical recreational hunting of wild animals, but is perfectly fine to want to kill teenage cheerleader and Texan hunter Kendall Jones – and to set up a Facebook page stating that intent. The disgusting individuals suggesting this – and the page has had over 1000 likes – should be locked up with all the other perverts. In the meantime, why not hop onto Kendall’s Facebook page and give her a bit of Aussie support. You can also check out Craig Boddinton’s rational response in Vids Of The Week.

More rubbish from Jason Wood

Of course, us Aussie hunters have our own haters lurking among us, as can be plainly seen on Federal Member for Latrobe Jason Wood’s website. Anyone who reckons Wood’s ill-informed rant against canned hunting isn’t going to affect them needs to think carefully. Have a look at how confused he is about what canned hunting actually is and what he wants to ban, then head over to his contact page and give him a piece of your mind. But please show this buffoon some respect, even if you don’t mean it, and keep it non-abusive.

‘Gunsmith’ making machine guns for bikies

Next we have an article from Adelaide Now telling us how a “South Australian gunsmith” supplied machineguns to bikie gangs. That sounds bad! But then the first line of the article says it was actually a “backyard black market gunsmith”?  Mmmm. Is that the same as a normal gunsmith? Or is this yet more word play designed to make shooters look bad?

Shooting brings value to the UK

We know already from recent research that hunting and the shooting sports bring tremendous value to Victoria and Australia.  Now a UK study, reported in Shooting UK, has returned a similar result in that country. Check it out. Surely we can’t be denied much longer?

More guns, less violence

Less people carrying firearms will lead to less firearm violence, right? Well, no, actually. According to a study from the USA (where else) and reported in the Independant Journal Review, it’s quite the opposite.  More guns lead to less violence.  How do you like that antis?







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