The Big Boar Championships attracted 270 entrants who killed 329 feral pigs while raising money for war veteran's families - yet still drew criticism from the RSPCA.

Snap Shots: “Beer Swilling Yobbos” Raise Money For War Vets

“Beer swilling yobbos” raise money for charity 

First up we have an ABC report on the Queensland Big Boar Championships, which we have been promoting on this site for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it raises money for the families of war veterans through the Wandering Warriors.  The event was a great success (you can find a full report and results HERE), but has drawn predictable condemnation from an RSPCA spokesman who has described pig hunters as “beer swilling yobbos”.

Man hammered in gun robbery

Next we have another piece from the ABC about a man being hospitalised after he was hit with a hammer during a robbery in Tasmania. At first glance it seems this has little to do with hunting and shooting – until you realise that three firearms were stolen in the incident.  I’ll let you judge for yourself the strength of SSAA’s response to the question of whether the robbery was a result of a breach of the state’s firearm registry. 

Tassie gun registry a security concern

Meanwhile, Tasmania’s peak farming body, the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, has been much more forthright in voicing their concern that the firearm reigistry is a security risk. In this report from the Herald, the Association’s CEO has said that the lack of confidentiality of the registry has left gun owners at risk of being the victims of targeted burglaries.

Goulburn journo discovers joy of shooting

The shooting sports don’t get too many good news stories into the mainstream press, so when we do it’s a breath of fresh air.  Here’s one from Goulburn Post journo, Chris Clark, who recently discovered the joys of shooting, thanks to the guys at the Goulburn Shooters Club. 

Be a better gun shop customer

To finish, here’s an interesting YouTube clip from the USA about how to be a better customer next time you visit a gun shop. We often hear about customer service, but what about customer behaviour? How many times have you been held up on a Saturday morning because the customer in front of you has “all the gear and no idea”? There’s plenty of food for thought here.




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