The National Farmers Federation is calling for job-seekers to help cull pigs and other feral pests.

Snap Shots: Call For Job-seekers To Cull Pests

Call for job-seekers to cull pigs

The National Farmers Federation has urged the Federal Government to allow participants in its $525 million Green Army to cull invasive past species such as pigs, cats, foxes dogs and rabbits. An article in the Weekly Times stated, rather obvioulsy, that this may involve he use of guns. Not bad work if you can get it!

Shoot down a drone, win a shotgun!

Robert Brown MP says the Shooters and Fishers Party is considering offering a shotgun as a prize for any farmer who can down an animal activist spy drone with only two shots.  He recently addressed Parliament in defence of farmers and their right to privacy, and took particular aim at the use of drones to spy on agricultural operations in New South Wales, which he says is invasive and dangerous.

Peter FitzSimons slams hunters – again

Peter FitzSimon’s ridiculous red bandana mustn’t be getting him enough attention. In this article in the Bega District News, he’s gone off on another rant against hunters in general and HuntFest in particular, calling hunters “bloody heroes” and referring to HuntFest as a “festival of killing defenceless animals”.

Quadraplegic hunter shoots from the lip

Here’s a great story from the ABC about hunter and quadripegic Clyde Thomas. The injuries he sustained in a car accident in 1989 haven’t stopped him hunting – he uses his mouth to fire his cradle-mounted rifle from his wheelchair. Think about that next time you reckon you’re struggling in the field!

VIDEO: Skin a fox in 3 minutes

To finish with, here’s a video for all you fox hunters out there.  I’ve never been a fan of sleeving foxes, but I’ve never been able to skin one in under three minutes either. Aussie hunters might get a few tips…or maybe just some inspiration!




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