Victorian deer hunters have been thanked by a senior public servant for their voluntary work in state forests.

Snap Shots: Department thanks deer hunters

Department thanks deer hunters

A senior public servant has thanked deer hunters in Gippsland for their voluntary work in state forests.  According to this report in PS News, Forest Manager for the Department of Land, Water and Planning has addressed the annual dinner of the Australian Deer Association, stating that deer hunters played an important role keeping tracks open, removing rubbish, reporting illegal activity and planting trees.

Ivory to be crushed

The Gametrails website reports that Government officials in the USA are preparimg to publically crush a ton of raw elephant tusks in New York City’s Times Square, as part of a so-called war on poaching. Far from being a crushing blow, however, it isn’t at all clear how destroyng the tusks is supposed to help, given that no one in Asia or Africa will even know it’s happened.

A picture tells a thousand words

In his regular blog on the Hunters Stand, Garry Mallard wonders aloud how much we hunters are damaging our own public images – and therefore our chances of being allowed to carry out our chosen recreation into the future – by careless publicising of damaging images via social media.

Call for cat ban in the Alice

According to this report from the ABC, a conservationist is calling for a conversation on banning pet cats in Alice Springs after a feral cat video monitoring project showed domestic cats were also hunting wildlife. Pet cats are already banned in the township of Yulara, about 450km by road south-west of Alice Springs, due to the damage feral cats have caused to native animal numbers. Seems logical to me!

Cops lose gun

From Queensland comes a Yahoo News report that police have “lost” a handgun when it was dislodged from an officer’s holster south of Brisbane. It’ll be interesting to see whether the officier involved is dealt with in the same way as the rest of us would be if we lost a firearm.








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