Duck hunters near Geelong in Victoria have hired private detectives to guard against criminal activity by anti-hunting protestors

Snap shots: Duck hunters hire protection

Duck hunters hire protection

This weekend marks the last of the Victorian duck hunting season and the Field and Game Association has hired private detectives to guard against further criminal activities by anti-hunting protestors. This article in The Weekly Times reports that seven detectives have been hired to patrol wetlands in the Geelong area, where there have been several incidents of hunters’ tyres being slashed. Police “are not doing their job”, says Field and Game chairman Bill Paterson.

TV chef roasted by antis over dead kanga pics

One of the judges on My Kitchen Rules has found himself in hot water over photos of dead kangaroos he posted on Instagram. According to The Weekly Times, the pics didn’t go down well with macropod fans far and wide, with the President of the Australian Society for Kangaroos saying on 3AW that he should lose his job over the ill-conceived post.

McKenzie calls for a right royal relegation

Every shooter’s favourite politician, Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie, has written to the Queen requesting that the Australian RSPCA be stripped of their royal title. Senator McKenzie told The Weekly Times that she was “fed up” with the RSPCA “demonising” rural communities with its opposition to the live cattle trade and recreational hunting. Way to go, Bridget!

World Bank to fund sport hunting in Africa

Trophy hunting in Mozambique has been given a financial shot in the arm by none other than the World Bank.  This article from the Times Live reports that $700,000 of a large conservation grant from the Bank’s International Development Association is ear marked to help develop sport hunting in the southern African country. 

Mallard counts the cost of anti-HuntFest protests

In his usual thoughtful and entertaining style, Garry Mallard makes the point that the obstructionist behaviour of Eurobodalla Councillor Gabi Harding and her mates towards the HuntFest outdoor expo has actually had a real cost to the community.  In this piece, published in the Bega District News, Mallard estimates that, just for a start, the small group of anti-Huntfest protestors have cost ratepayers $150,000 through the need for council to address their ridiculous letters, ideological objections and baseless legal challenges.  Don’t forget that HuntFest is on this weekend.




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