This young Kiwi was shot in the back with a 270 by one of his mates - and survived.  Do yourself a favour and listen to his cautionary tale.

Snap Shots: Kiwi deer hunter survives being shot by mate

Kiwi hunter survives being shot by mate 

This story was greeted with derision when it first hit social media earlier in the week, with many people claiming it was a hoax.  It now appears the story is true.  Do yourself a favour and watch this 3 News (NZ) video of a young New Zealand hunter explaining how he came to be shot in the back with a 270 by one of his mates.  The story also appeared in the NZ Herald and on Folks, we need to be so careful out there. 

Wild boar market short of accredited hunters

Next we have an interesting article from the ABC reporting that Australia’s game meat industry is struggling to keep up with overseas demand because of dwindling numbers of accredited hunters. One processor says he could increase the number of wild pigs he exports by 20 times if he had the shooters. Anyone for a new career?

Barnaby comes out swinging at PETA

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has hit out at animal rights activists PETA, saying a social media campaign attacking the wool industry is “a load of rubbish”. According to this article from the ABC, Joyce says that musician Jona Weinhofen, has “completely insulted” people working in Australia’s wool industry by appearing in an ad with a fake lamb that is supposedly covered in blood after being shorn.

Mackenzie fights for shooters’ rights

Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie is fast becoming a political cult hero for shooters, this time responding strongly to the release of the Federal Government’s report into gun violence. In this press releaseMcKenzie has called on the Greens to stop demonising law abiding firearms owners. Have a read, and then why not send her some support via her website of Facebook page.  She needs to know we appreciate her.

Fatal shootings now less common in Australia

To finish we have this good news story from The Conversation, in which Samara McPhedron reveals that fatal shootings have been falling in Australia, and have been for around 30 years. We’re not alone, either, with the same is occuring in New Zealand, Canada and the USA despite those countries having different approaches to gun control. It’s an interesting and informative read.






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