Bacon Busters editor Clint Magro talked about the benefits of feral pig hunting in an article published by The Guardian.

Snap Shots: The Guardian supports pig hunting

The Guardian supports pig hunting, Mazza questions RSPCA motives, film gun violence rising, Idaho cashes in on hunting, more women become hunters, Indian woman creates shooting history, Greens want to change voting system in SA.

The Guardian supports pig hunting

Bacon Busters magazine editor Clint Magro has featured in an article supporting pig hunting that appeared on The Guardian’s news website. The article, titled Feral Pig Hunters are Doing a Community Service, pointed out the benefits of hunting wild pigs and warned of the growing problem that is causing damage to the environment. “If the government banned pig hunting – which is what a lot of people want them to do – we’d be hit by a plague of them,” said Magro. “Not just pigs but foxes, wild dogs, buffalos, goats, rabbits … the list is endless.”

Mazza questions RSPCA motives

Shooters and Fishers Party WA MLC Rick Mazza has called for the government to investigate the RSPCA amid fears it has become a front for animal rights activism rather than the animal welfare society it was set up to be. “Animal welfare is about making sure animals aren’t mistreated, but animal rights are more extreme,” he said in a report in The Land. “Animal rights groups don’t want animals killed for food. My constituents in agricultural regions have said they are concerned with some of the things the RSPCA does.” Mr Mazza highlighted the RSPCA’s opposition to live exports as a point in case before criticising the half a million dollars given to the organisation by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Film gun violence rising

While Fremantle antis get upset about a billboard promoting hunting, USA Today website reports that gun violence in PG-13-rated films has more than tripled since 1985 and now exceeds R-rated movie levels. This was the finding of a study conducted on US website Pediatrics that found that after 1984, when the PG-13 rating was introduced, gun violence declined in G- or PG-rated films; remaining flat in R-rated films; and increased dramatically in PG-13 films. PG-13 is short for “Parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.” R-rated movies are restricted to audiences age 17 and older unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Idaho cashes in on hunting

“Hunting, fishing and wildlife watching brings in close to $1.6 billion. Hunting alone brings in over $600,000,” said Kelton Hatch, Regional Conservation Educator, Idaho Fish and Game on US television station website The comment was made during the report The Business of Hunting: A Look at the Economic Impacts that showed hundreds of thousands of people spend millions of days each year taking part in hunting in Idaho. “67 per cent of Idaho is state and federal lands… meaning it’s a hunter’s paradise. And, people come from all over to hunt the vast Idaho landscape,” said the report. Food for thought for our own governments looking to find a revenue base to promote proper land management.

More women become hunters

A report in National Geographic magazine shows that the number of women becoming involved in hunting in the United States has grown 25 per cent in the five years to 2011 adding to the country’s 13.7 million hunters. That shows that 11 per cent of hunters are women, growth that has been attributed to state department of natural resources programs directed at women such as Becoming and Outdoors Woman. “Across the board, women are more independent than they’ve ever been, and they realise they are capable of hunting,” says Brenda Valentine, national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation and the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Hunting.”

Indian woman creates shooting history

When Heena Sidhu won a gold medal for pistol shooting at the ISSF World Cup finals in Munich, Germany, she became the first Indian shooter ever to do so. She beat Chinese double Olympic champion Guo Wenjum, Serbian world champion Arunovic Zorana and multiple Olympic medallist Olena Kostevych from the Ukraine to snare India’s first gold medal in the discipline.

Greens want to change voting system in SA

The Greens appear to be nervous that they’ll lose what hold they have in South Australia with a call for a change to the voting system for the Legislative Council. The state goes to the polls next year and the Shooters and Fishers Party is one of the minor parties that has now registered for that election. In a media release today, the Greens were reportedly worried that minor parties such as the SFP would threaten their tenuous hold on the Upper House, ironically a position they gained through the preferencing system they now seek to change. “Without these reforms, South Australia is likely to see a proliferation of micro-parties and independents hoping to ‘game’ the electoral system and a win a seat in Parliament without having to campaign or attract community support,”  said Greens Parliamentary leader, Mark Parnell MLC. Meanwhile, the SFP’s SA branch is in the process of selecting candidates for the March 15, 2014, election.




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