Bowhunting photo by Dylan Smith
Photo: Dylan Smith

South Australian Minister challenged over bowhunting ban

The South Australian Government has been asked in Parliament to justify its proposed ban on bowhunting, with the Hon Sarah Game MLC bringing up the issue in question time.

Questions are now being asked in South Australia’s parliament over a proposed bowhunting ban, with the Hon Sarah Game MLC taking the ALP Government to task over the issue.

Deputy Premier Susan Close has previously said the ALP Government was committed to banning bowhunting in SA and had tasked the Department of Environment and Water with evaluating options for implementing the ban.

Concerningly, Ms Close claimed the proposed ban was an election commitment but no-one has been able to find any proof of this being communicated to the public prior to the state election earlier this year.

Speaking in the Legislative Council on 2 November, Ms Game called out the State Government’s stance on bowhunting and formally asked the state Attorney-General, Kyam Maher, to answer the following questions on behalf of the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water:

Why is there now a need to ban bowhunting, after the Social Development Committee’s Report on its Inquiry into issues related to bow and crossbow hunting in South Australia did not recommend a ban?

What evidence stipulates that poisoning is a more humane method of culling feral animals than hunting? 

What consideration has been given to hunting as a means to address protein intake during our cost-of-living crisis?

Where is the evidence that banning bowhunting was a pre-election promise from the Malinauskas Government?

What compensation plans have been arranged if bowhunting is banned to compensate businesses and hunters, having rendered their stock and equipment useless?

Ms Game is the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party member in the South Australian Legislative Council and was a vet before being elected to parliament. 

Her comments and support for hunters — including shooters — have the backing of Shooters Union South Australia state president Peter Heggie, who has also been working against the bowhunting ban and hunting restrictions.

“It’s refreshing to see a member of Parliament who does not look at firearms owners and hunters as a bit of doody on the bottom of their shoe,” he said.

“Firearms owners and hunters make up a large number of voters in Australia, yet all politicians continue to discriminate against us.

“Sarah Game has proved beyond any doubt the support she is prepared to give to our sport and hobbies and it is a pleasure dealing with her. 

“I know she will always put the hard questions forward that need asking.”




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