Richard Torbay MLAMember for Northern Tablelands

Torbay speaks out against proposed ammo law

Dear shooters,

this politician has brains and guts. Read his recent media release below.

Marcus O’Dean





Hon Richard Torbay MP,
Member for Northern Tablelands
Media Release

New gun laws pose potential threat to public safety
Instead of controlling the sale of ammunition the government was running the risk of putting more guns in the hands of criminals through new legislation, Member for Northern Tablelands said today. 

He said the Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012 was misguided.

It would miss its target by making information about guns, their owners and locations more widely available and more likely to fall into the wrong hands.

The MP said his office had fielded many calls from concerned sporting shooters and farmers who objected to a new layer of bureaucratic restrictions which would achieve no improvement to public safety.

“It is tabloid legislation, a rapid fire response to media concerns over the spike in shootings in Sydney,” he said.

“If the government wants to be seen to be doing something it would be much more effective to increase the number of police officers than push meaningless legislation through Parliament.”

Mr Torbay said he had spoken with members of the Shooters Parties as well as local sporting shooters and farmers.

They had told him the current system meant the registration papers required for all firearms were kept in the hands of police. This information about owners’ names and addresses and where the firearms were stored remained confidential.

Under the proposed legislation gun owners would have to provide their registration details as well as their licenses when they purchased ammunition.  At present only licences are required. Licences contain information about the gun but not the owner or location.

“When you put out this registration information in every gun shop in the land you are looking for trouble,” Mr Torbay said. “It’s bound to fall into the wrong hands and is a threat to the security of legitimate gun owners as well as the community.

“I will be voting against this legislation if it comes to Parliament but would strongly suggest the government withdraws it before it reaches the final vote.”

Further information Richard Torbay (02) 6772 5552/0427 635 029




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