Geoff Grenfell from Bendigo on the final 1000 yard range at Belmont during the national rifle championships where he clinched his 8th Queen’s Prize title.

Victorian shooter takes national Queen’s Prize

Class Victorian shooter Geoff Grenfell won his eighth Queen’s Prize at the 42nd National Rifle Championships in Brisbane on Sunday.

Geoff, from Bendigo, missed just a single bullseye in the rain-shortened 90-shot match, clinching victory with a possible 50 score in tricky wind conditions on the final 1000 yard range.

The testing three-day event draw a class field of 175 competitors from all parts of Australia and New Zealand to the Belmont Rifle Range. Wet weather disrupted the opening day on Friday.

The winning Queen’s aggregate of 449 points with 56 centres left Geoff one point clear of three rivals on 448.

Mark Thurtell from Lyndhurst, NSW, clinched second place with 59 centre bulls from James Corbett from Benalla, Victoria, with 55 and Jim Jeffery from Lyndhurst on 46.

Mark completed a strong championship, winning the President’s Cup two-day match, dropping just a single shot and taking out the two-match aggregate.

Ben Picton from Mungindi finished fifth from Canberra’s Steve Negus.

Top Queensland competitor was Tony Sultana from University Rifle Club in seventh position. He continued his top form, having placed fifth in the President’s Cup.

Veteran Brisbane shooter Gordon Duncan finished second in the President’s, dropping just two shots over the seven-range event.

Regular visitor from NZ Malcolm Dodson from Blenheim won the 15-shot Royal Kaltenberg Challenge Cup match shot over 1000 yards to conclude the national championships.

Kirsty Martin from Pacific Rifle Club in Brisbane won the B Grade Queen’s Prize and Andrew McArthur from North Arm on the Sunshine Coast took out C Grade.

Cairns shooters shone in scoped rifle competition, with David McNamara claiming his second successive Queens F Open class title while Shane Green took out the new Target Rifle class which complies with international rules.

The F Standard class was won by a new convert to scope shooting, Wayne Latham from Natives Rifle Club.



Queen’s Prize

A Grade: 1 Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo, 449.56; 2 Mark Thurtell, Lyndhurst, 448.59; 3 James Corbett, Benalla, 448.55; 4 Jim Jeffery, Lyndhurst, 448.46; 5 Ben Picton, Mungindi, 446.55; 6 Steve Negus, Canberra, 446.52; 7 Tony Sultana, University, 445.47; 8 Philip Brook, Brisbane, 445.47; 9 James Spence, Brisbane, 445.46; 10 Tony McGuigan, Mosman, 445.39.

B Grade: 1 Kristy Martin, Pacific, 438.44; 2 Willem van Schalkwyk, Brisbane, 436.35; 3 Richard Kenny, Mariners, 431.35.

C Grade: 1 Andrew McArthur, North Arm, 420.25; 2 Kathryn Blain, Darwin, 416.28; 3 Jeff Leung, Natives, 395.14.

F Standard: A Grade: 1 Wayne Latham, Natives, 520.30; 2 Dick Blocksidge, Albert District, 519.25; 3 John Peters, Cessnock, 517.31.

F Standard B Grade: 1 Peter Hayden, Gatton, 504.20; 2 Joe Koch, Monto, 4290.23; 3 Susie Ryan, Wodonga, 489.20.

F Open: 1 David McNamara, Cairns, 538.50; 2 Mark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill, 534.46; 3 Marty Lobert, Cairns, 532.52.

F Target Rifle: 1 Shane Green, Cairns, 523.36; 2 Daryl Barlow, Ipswich, 519.31; 3 Rod Mahon, Bendigo, 517.33.

President’s Cup

A Grade: 1 Mark Thurtell, Lyndhurst, 349.41; 2 Gordon Duncan, Central, 348.37; 3 Jim Jeffery, Lyndhurst, 347.45; 4 Tony McGuigan, Mosman, 347.39; 5 Tony Sultana, University, 347.35; 6 Mark Buchanan, Roseville, 346.36; 7 George Edser, Central, 345.37; 8 Kim O’Loghlen, Natives, 345.29; 9 Ben Picton, Mungindi, 344.37; 10 Geoff Grosskreutz, Brisbane, 344.35.

B Grade: 1 David Neely, Pacific, 333.24; 2 Richard Kenny, Mariners, 333.22; 3 Dom Whalan, Natives, 333.21.

C Grade: 1 Joshua Cox, Cairns, 312.14; 2 Kathryn Blain, Darwin, 304.19; 3 Allan Hannel, Beaudesert, 300.15.

F Standard A Grade: 1 John Peters, Cessnock, 408.21; 2 Lindsay Crombie, Brisbane, 407.35; 3 Ernie Mace, Central, 401.24.

F Standard B Grade: 1 Josh Reid, Ipswich, 376.14; 2 Cheryl Gardam, Goondiwindi, 373.9; 3 Joe Koch, Monto, 372.12.

F Open: 1 Mark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill 411.35; 2 Matthew Paroz, North Sydney, 408.36; 3 Colin Sutton, Goondiwindi, 407.28.

F Class Target Rifle: 1 Mike Halloran, Junee, 403.24; 2 Stephen Lazarus, Cairns, 401.26; 3 Nikki Slee, Canon Hill, 401.25.




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