Nitecore MH27UV hunting light kit

Review: Nitecore MH27UV hunting light and mounting kit

The Nitecore MH27UV hunting-light kit is an excellent example of how on a very low budget any shooter now has a versatile and effecting night-time hunting system available that can be mounted on virtually any rifle in moments

There simply is no need to spend a fortune to have reliable and clear lighting out to reasonable distances in pitch darkness.

Nitecore MH27UV hunting light kit
The kit is easily mounted, lightweight and convenient to use with remote switch

The Nitecore MH27UV is a complete system that contains literally everything you need to install it on your rifle and be out the door hunting within minutes. It includes:

  • High-quality rechargeable flashlight that I have taken to using for general everyday purposes when not hunting with it. It has amazing clarity of light as it puts out 1000 Lumens and illuminates the paddock for at least a couple of hundred metres. I have been taking hares with it at well over 100 metres. The light has four power settings as well as red, blue and UV light at the push of a button.
  • A rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, making it very simple to recharge as needed.
  • Remote switch and flexi-cable for use when mounted on a firearm.
  • Lightweight firearm mount.
  • Belt scabbard for the torch for easy carry or storage.
  • Lanyard.
  • Belt clip for light.
  • High-density foam lined box to store everything in safely and conveniently when not in use.
Nitecore MH27UV hunting light kit
The Nitecore kit comes in a solid carry case

I was reviewing a ZeroTech Thrive HD 3×15 scope, a good match for the Nitecore system. The scope was mounted on my .22 magnum Ruger 77, which is ideal for small to medium game at night out to about 125 metres or so.

After installing the battery and fully charging it via the USB adapter, I took the rifle mount and screwed it around the tube of the Zero Tech scope (these mounts work on both 1” and 30mm scope tubes) and inserted the light into the other side of the figure-8 shaped mount and tightened the generous nut by hand as instructed.

I replaced the end cap on the light with the supplied RSW1 remote switch and cable, positioning the on/off pressure pad at a comfortable spot on the forend. I used electrical tape to hold it firmly in place and it has not moved at all — not a fancy solution but I like its flexibility.

It’s a very practical and rapid way to control the light without affecting your aim or gun handling at all.

Nitecore MH27UV hunting light kit
The case is very well padded to protect the contents and it has a place for every item in the kit

This mounting setup does not make the rifle unbalanced or top heavy. It all works seamlessly and is very rapid to get into action when needed. You really don’t notice the extra bulk much when in use.

The light is a solidly built (aircraft aluminium) tactical-type light that seems like it would give years of service even under pretty rough conditions. 

I was able to see and hit hares, rabbits and foxes clearly at well over 150 metres, which was as far as I was going to shoot with the .22 magnum. 

I have also found the torch a very useful general purpose light around the farm for everyday use.

Nitecore MH27UV hunting light kit
The light is nice and compact yet still throws an excellent beam

It is not overly large at 165mm in length with a 25mm tube, so it is easy to carry on a belt or in a coat pocket. 

I was happy to see there were four power settings as well as the ability to use red, blue or UV light colours on the light. 

I could use the lower settings or the red light when walking in the paddock without scaring game but allowing me to safely see where I was stepping. 

The UV light is handy if following a blood trail to find downed game at night. 

It’s an excellent and versatile light even before we add the rest of the system, and I used it so much for other things.

On the lower power settings it seems like it will run for days without a charge, although when used at full power I would suggest you recharge after a night’s hunting.

I think the magic in this Nitecore system is that the combination of light, mount and remote switch gives an amazing flexibility as well as practical effectiveness for small to medium game hunting and pest control for a very low budget.

Most gunshots sell the Nitercore MH27UV system at $230-$250. Where else can I have a very effective night-hunting system with a high-quality everyday-use torch for under $250?

It is not a high-end night-vision or thermal device, but for many of us it is a highly practical and affordable solution to hunting in the dark.

Nitecore is distributed in Australia by TSA Outdoors.




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