Bushnell’s new elite riflescope line

Bausch  &  Lomb,  the  premier  optics firm  in  the  U.S.A,  was renowned for the quality of its riflescopes, binoculars  and  spotting scopes. In 1971 Bausch & Lomb bought Bushnell, a company  formed in 1947 to sell optics imported from Japan. After the  merger, Bausch & Lomb shut down their own sports optics division  and its  B&L Elite 3200 and 4200 riflescopes were sold under the  Bushnell name. The move gave B&L more consumer products to  supplement its opthalmic and scientific intrument activities,   and Bushnell benefitted from the know-how and resources of the  older corpoation. In 1995 B&L sold Bushnell to Worldwide Sports &  Recreation, then in 2001 a Detroit Investment firm called Wind  Point Partners bought Bushnell/ Bausch & Lomb. Today, the company  has morphed into Bushnell Outdoor Products.

More  recently Bushnell added the top-of-the-line Elite  6500  series to their range, making the 4200s mid-range. The  differences lie in magnification range and lens coatings. Just  like offering refined and bare bones models of the same optic,  but all represent good value to the customer, whatever his  desires. There’s a significant price difference in the less  expensive models, but they’re just as reliable. The lower priced  3200s aren’t quite as bright, but ranked close behind the 4200s,  while the 6500 was top-of-the-range. Now, Bushnell has scrapped  this three-tiered arrangement in favour of the 6500, and a range  of scopes called simply “Elite.” which includes Tactical models.




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Nick Harvey

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