Alex and the arrowed boar.

Bedded Boar Hunt

By Alex Juris

Alex and the arrowed boar.


Alex with the now-deceased bedded boar of the story.

With the large part of the early morning expended glassing goats, it was while making my way to another good vantage point to glass another mob that movement to my right had me stopping in my tracks and standing very still.
Slowly turning my focus in the direction of the movement, I spied two pigs going about their business and totally unaware of me.
The 10 x42  binoculars verified them as a sow and young boar and, as I watch them move about I saw a larger pig bedded further into the bushy cover near where I spotted the first pigs.
These first pigs decide to move on but the larger bedded pig only flicks his ear now and then and stays bedded in the cover and shade of a large tree and bushes.
The Yukon range finger has the bedded pig at 38 metres from me, the wind is in my favour and a stalk begins. Step by step, closing the distance in my near-silent boots and camouflage clothing I am now at 14 metres from the bedded pig. With a clear window through the bushes for a slightly angling heart shot,
I prepare to take the bow shot.
The Quest compound is at full draw, aiming pin sure and steady, it is then the trigger release is touched off and the three-bladed broadhead flies to the desired point of impact and through into the pig’s heart area.
At impact the pig jumps up and scampers past me to my right and soon goes front legs up and hits the ground thrashing about a few times and looks finished. The confirmed boar travelled 28 metres from impact of the arrow.
Mindful of a previous charging experience when I bow shot a huge boar, I approached this one with care and wind toward me amongst cover until sure that he was finished. Wow! What a hunt; all of the  gear has performed in symphony together to bring off a great result.

Below: Pigs on the move after the action.

Pigs on the move




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