Casey cracks her first 100kg boar

Currently my partner, Stephen and I work at a local mine on a 15 days on 13 days off roster. On this particular break we decided to dedicate it hunting as much as possible before the wet season really hit.

First day out Stephen and I plus my parents went out to a secret region we had up our sleeve and had a look around. Coming up to a creek we knew would have some water left, Stephen and I loaded the guns and decided to walk in to hopefully surprise some pigs taking a snooze in the heat of the day.

My mum spotted some pigs on the side of the creek but before we could get a shot they winded us and were gone. My partner and I chased them (well he did, I’m too unfit and it was way too hot) he got two big sows and the rest disappeared into the thick scrub.

Two days later my partner and I went out again checking the creeks in hope of more pigs and maybe a trophy Buff for my partner as it was a box he hadn’t yet ticked. Sunrise left us with fresh tracks but no pigs. Also we come along a herd of Buffalo but alas they were only young cows and calves and there was no trophy bull so we let them be.

As we were leaving Stephen spotted a black shape running along the other side of the creek, we quickly drove across and I jumped out with my Parker Hale .270 safari deluxe and lined up what I thought was a reasonable boar. However after tracking it down it turned out to be a big sow.

We continued the week hunting have a rest day or two between each hunt. One morning, we decided to go a little earlier than usual and get to the creek before sunrise. Stephen with his bow and me with my .270 we walked along the track keeping an eye out for any movement.

It was still very early with first light just starting to wash over the flat before the creek when I spotted black shapes feeding out on a rocky flat. Stephen and I got set up and stalked in a fair way until we were about 25-30m away.

It was so hard to keep quiet with leaf litter and burnt grass stubs all over the place not to mention being completely out in the open with only a couple of small trees for cover. I am absolutely shocking when stalking, I get the shakes up so bad.

Stephen took a shot with his bow and I immediately followed with a bullet. I missed unfortunately but the boar was still standing there but once I moved to go after the sows to see if I could cut them off on top of the ridge he flew off straight for the safety of the creek with Stephen right behind him thinking he was wounded and taking off with his arrow.

I lost sight of the girls and my boyfriend for that matter so I returned to where I had caught sight of a black shape laying in the grass, my boyfriend came back without success with the boar and we located the black thing I had seen.

Turns out he had actually hit a sow with his arrow and not the boar he had just wasted 10min chasing. She wasn’t a bad size and we were impressed by the blood trail the arrow wound had made.

The next trip was on the weekend so my mum came along. Approaching the first waterhole we saw a large bull buffalo in the distance taking off flat out. We checked on a camera when we got to the waterhole and were lucky to come across some sows and small boars sleeping under a big gumtree near the water.

We got a small sow and a small boar out of that lot and kept on moving to check this big creek we had seen close to the track on the GPS thinking there could be pigs and maybe even some black brim. We loaded up, Stephen with his .338, me with my .270 and my mum with the bait and fishing line.

Walking down to the high bank we spotted a huge black boar asleep in the mud with his back to us, it was an easy shot and got him quickly. As I shot, another big black and tan boar leaped up and ran up the bank. Stephen was quick with the trigger and got him as he reached the top of the opposite bank.

We went and inspected our kills, my boar was huge! His ivory were what dreams were made of and I could hardly move him through the water he was so heavy. My first 100kg+ boar, I was wrapped. I retrieved the head for a trophy all the while talking loudly amongst ourselves and letting our little dogs have a play.

Then we wanted to walk down the creek a bit to check it out and see if there was a fishing spot. To my surprise not 500m down the creek against the bank in the mud was another 100kg + boar! Just having a snooze so before even letting my mum and Stephen know I took aim and popped him right behind the shoulder, scared the hell out of my mum and surprised us all that another big boy was so close with all the noise we were making up the creek.

We agreed to leave him there while we inspected the next hole to see what was about. After no success up further we came back to Big Boar number 2 and removed his head and lugged it all the way back to the car. Piled in and headed for home.

The very next day, Stephen myself, mum and our little dogs went and did the rounds at our block of land and on the way home mum wanted to show Stephen a little spot for good fishing, so we leisurely got out of the car without unpacking the guns.

Mum walks to the bank of the creek and spots ‘Dumbo’ a big boar with the biggest ears we have ever seen. We quickly unpack the guns, and race to the other side of the creek. The other side was a haven for pigs, pandanas and long grass gave them shelter with their little self-built tunnels leading throughout it.

I planted myself next to a big gum tree and waited and listened. I could hear him moving around and grunted so I kept my eye out for any glimpse of him. My moment arrived when he walked past a fallen limb and I was able to have a shot.

The next challenge was climbing through the pandanas to get a photo of him! Like déjà vu Stephen walked down the creek a bit and popped a smaller boar having a snooze so we were both pretty happy.

Like all good stories it had to come to an end and we are now back at work for another 15 day stint, and probably by the time it is done there will be heavy rain. However if this week of hunting is our wrap up before the wet, well I say we did pretty darn well.

Absolutely wrapped in my 3 big boars and impressed with the amount of pigs we got between my partner and I. so if there rain comes, we will catch the pigs next year and it’ll be time to chase some big monster barramundi or reef fish.

Stay tuned

Casey Hucks




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