Large Scale Wild Dog 1080 Aerial Baiting Program – Maps and Advisory

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) will be undertaking a 1080 pest animal poisoning program using aerially deployed fresh meat baits on public land.

Poisoning will occur from 8 May 2018 to 19 June 2018 and the baits will not be collected.

This program is being conducted under an off label section 25A permit to allow baits to be deployed from the air. All care has been taken to ensure the conditions for use will reduce the chances of non-target animal impacts but there is still some associated risk. By being aware of the dangers you are able to help manage the risk.

Awareness of 1080 bait use on Public Land by DELWP is vital for the safe management of domestic animals. If a property is occupied or used by persons other than yourself, the provision of this information, by you to them may reduce the potentially negative impacts of 1080 on domestic animals such as pets and working dogs. The poison to be used is compound 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) which is contained within an approved bait type for the pest species.

To minimise the risk of poisoning to your animals you are advised:

1. Confine, muzzle and/or restrain your domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats, to prevent them from accessing 1080 pest animal poison baits or carcasses.

2. Domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats, are susceptible to primary poisoning from ingesting 1080 pest animal bait products and secondary poisoning from ingesting contaminated carcasses. It is unusual for domestic animals to scavenge on dog carcasses.

3. Closely monitor the health and behaviour of your domestic pets. If you notice any unusual or uncharacteristic behaviour contact your local veterinarian immediately.

4. There is a delay in the poison action of 1080 and animals that have ingested 1080 pest animal bait products may die on your property.

5. Collect and destroy any poisoned carcasses you find by burning (in accordance with local regulations) or burying to a depth of at least 50 cm for rabbits and at least 1 metre for foxes, wild dogs and feral pigs.

6. Always dispose of carcasses away from natural features such as waterways.

Dangers to Humans: Compound 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is a restricted schedule 7 poison and there is no known antidote.

If you are handling poison bait and/or carcasses always use protective rubber gloves and wash hands and gloves thoroughly after contact. When used in accordance with the product label and Directions for the Use of 1080 Pest Animal Bait Products in Victoria, there is little risk of humans being poisoned by 1080 pest animal bait products. Although the 1080 used in 1080 pest animal bait products is substantially diluted, 1080 pest animal baits and poisoned carcasses must be treated with care.

Aerial Baiting Maps





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