Reid's nice red stag was a bit of a circuit breaker.

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Alex Juris and Reid Hjorth got together for a headspace hunt.

Pics-Reid Hjorth.

Reid's nice red stag was a bit of a circuit breaker.
Reid’s nice red stag was a bit of a circuit breaker.

I’d been having a few niggling issues to deal with over the last few weeks that were taking up a lot of my time and headspace and quite frankly, hunting really wasn’t on the top of my to-do list. Like a lot of people I suppose, I devoted a bit too much time to worrying about things and not enough time to just getting on with the business of living.

So in the middle of all this I get a call from my mate Reid Hjorth, who you may recall wrote a cracker recent article on his lovely fallow buck (Birthday Buck), to which he had devoted months of patient scouting and stalking.

Now some blokes, particularly those of us on the wrong side of 50 deer seasons, get involved in the Men’s Shed organisation, in which mature men gather to do good works for each other and the community by “making stuff with tools” in communal workshops. What a great idea and it’s obvious why it’s so successful. Well, I am not so handy in the carpentry and metal work department, but I sure love the hunt and Reid, recognising this and my recent preoccupation, said to me, “C’mon Alex. Git outta that house and come and shoot a red stag with me.”

I hesitated for about four nanoseconds and replied, “Just let me pack my gun and gear.” “Whoa, big fella,” he replied, “I’m not leaving until Monday.”

So off we went, north of my normal stamping grounds to one of Reid’s contacts and, to cut a long story short, Reid roared a double-six in to 30 metres and I collected a nice Euro mount for the den. It didn’t matter that one side was damaged from fighting – this would be a momento of what mateship is all about. Over the course of a few days, Reid and I chatted over the fire, shared a meal or two and a beer and talked through some stuff that put life into a slightly better perspective, for both of us.

Sometimes the hunt is not just a hunt, but a way to clear the head and keep you on track generally and it’s through the relationships be form through hunting that hunters become better people.

Be safe out there and look after your mates.

Alex and Reid relax post hunt.
Alex and Reid relax post hunt.




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