NSW Game Licensing Unit Hunter LEAP Short courses and education

The NSW Game Licensing Unit unveiled their Hunter LEAP program early this year. Hunter LEAP is a suite of hunter education programs which includes the NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) Assessment Course, the Hunter LEAP Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) course and a variety of short courses.

Recent releases have been well received by Approved Hunting Organisations and Hunter LEAP Providers and Trainers.

The courses are explained in detail below and are available through your Hunter LEAP Provider:

Introduction to public land hunting

  • Apply for a NSW R-Licence
  • Sit the accreditation test
  • Complete the online modules
  • Book your first public land hunt
  • Download the appropriate mapping tools
  • Print and sign your written permission
  • Identify species and signs
  • Scout on public land
  • Appropriately use the game you have harvested.

Making a successful shot

  • Projectile construction
  • Choose the right calibre and projectile for your hunting situation
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of the vital zones
  • Complete knowledge of shot placement
  • Understand a bullet’s trajectory.

Bowfishing for Carp in inland waterways

  • Legal requirements forbowfishingin NSW inland waterways
  • Become a licensed and legal bowfisher
  • Know your carp
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Be a safe bowfisher
  • Successful shooting techniques
  • Correct aiming techniques.

Sighting in your rifle scope

  • Understand rifle scope construction
  • Scope terminology
  • Choose the right scope for your rifle and type of hunting
  • Use the scope’s internal adjustments
  • Correct methods for sighting in your scope
  • Care and maintenance for your scope.

Field dressing a game animal (NEW)

  • Basics of field dressing
  • Recognise and manage the signs of disease
  • Know what equipment you will need
  • Perform the initial body cuts
  • Remove the internal organs
  • Quarter a large animal and make primal cuts
  • Understand cuts of meat.

Caping for a shoulder mount (NEW)

  • The art of taxidermy
  • Make the initial cuts
  • Properly cape the face of an animal
  • Understand the splitting process
  • Perform the salting process.

More courses will be released in the following months including:

  • Hunter LEAP Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) course
  • Hunting rabbits and hares
  • Decoying foxes
  • Using Avenza on public land.




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