One Nations 2017 Firearm and Gun Control Policy Released


The massacre at Port Arthur, on April 28th 1996, was the lynch pin for the Howard Government to implement strict gun control.

The guns buy-back of almost 700,000 guns, cost Australian taxpayers over $500 Million dollars. This forced the buy-back of particular guns, some relics and prized possessions and others of no value were handed over. This was in return for hundreds of dollars which was then used to buy legal guns. How many criminals handed in their guns?

The Port Arthur massacre will never be forgotten and its impact on Australians, especially those who lost loved ones or suffered since. Martin Bryant the man responsible for the murder of 35 people and injuring 23 others was deranged and not of sound mind. He is behind bars for the rest of his life, where he belongs.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is not opposed to gun control, but does oppose taking guns by stealth from law abiding Australians.Guns have always been a part of our culture and were very instrumental in the defence of our country during World War 2.

Australian sportsmen and women are held in high regard with their shooting prowess when on the world stage. Farmers need to eradicate feral pests that attack livestock or put an injured or sick animal out of its misery. Many Australians own guns for a variety of reasons. Some are never fired, just admired and respected being family heirlooms.

Gun laws in Australia are very strict on law abiding Australians. It is Government’s responsibility to take stronger action against criminals. Almost 100% of offences committed with a gun, the offender was notlicensedand the weapon was stolen or acquired unlawfully.

The Federal Government has a lot to answer for with regards to border security and the serious lack of investigating containers and imports landing on our shores. Most illegally imported guns are due to the help of crooked customs officials. A report released by the Australian Crime Commission in 2013 stated a conservative estimate of illegal firearms in Australia was in the vicinity of 250,000 long arms and 10,000 handguns. The report also expressed the very real concern in relation to weapons being created through the use of a 3D printer.

Statistics show the majority of stolen guns, are stolen from the Police and Defence Forces. The Government MUST as a matter of urgency teach it’s own force’s better gun management and storage so their weapons do not end up in the hands of criminals.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Firearms Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Shooting is a legitimate sport and pastime and participants should be treated accordingly.
  • New gun Policy under review.
  • Tougher sentencing on gun related crimes is required.
  • Australians have the right to defend themselves and their families in their own homes.
  • Disarming law abiding Australians is not in the national interest and will do nothing to reduce crime.
  • Increased inspection of shipping containers entering Australia, especially those ports that have no border security or next to none.




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