Alex's first boar with the bow was a cracker - and it nearly got the better of him!

Quest For A Big Boar

During the last couple of months I have had some great stalks on billy goats with the Quest G5 bow that Bensons archery shop set up for me. While out hunting goats I also glassed some pigs in the high country with the Steiner Condor 10 x42 binoculars, but they vanished into the thick scrub by the time I got to where I had seen them last.

On my next outing looking for feral pigs, a lone pig is spotted making its way toward my direction along a fence line. It is a large pig moving steadily and staying near the fence.

I decide not to cross over the fence as this would alert the pig of my presence, so I stay close to the fence in the shadows. The Ridgeline Buffalo camouflage clothing keeps me unseen and soon the pig is very close. Once he presents a sure shot, I send a three-bladed broad head arrow into the pig’s lungs.

The big boar scampers away and then stops at around 40 metres out. He sits down for a second and moves off again.

Alex Juris took this big boar with a bow - and it nearly bowled him over!Alex Juris took this cracking hill-country boar with a Quest bow – but not before it gave him a few hairy moments.

I can see a good blood trail and soon find the boar sitting on all fours in some long grass. Watching the boar from around 30 metres for a couple of minutes I feel he is not done for, so decide to stalk in cautiously to 20 paces to put a finishing arrow into him. I bring the Quest G5 to full draw and arrow him again low behind the shoulder.

He jumps to his feet looks straight at me. I’m standing very still but he knows my position and with intent in his eye he charges me. I make an instinctive decision to hold my position and watch him approach. Once he is very close I move to one side and push the side of his head away from me with the area on the bow where the bolt tightens the limb to adjust the draw weight of the bow.

This moves the boar away from me and he runs on for a few more yards and collapses,

Watching him and staying very still, he soon lays onto his side. I keep focused on him as I prepare the bow again. There has been no movement from the boar for a while so I decide to move in on him again.

With bow at the ready I approach very carefully but can he is done for. Wow! That was a very, very close encounter. I have my first bow hunted boar and he is a thumper!

See more about this hunt in the September issue of Sporting Shooter.

Pigs feeding in the high country.Pigs feeding in the high country – these ones were left for another day.




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