Noted Border Patrolman and Gunfighter Charles Askins

A Rifle Makes More Sense

Q: I enjoyed reading your reminiscences about hunting with Col. Charles Askins in a Bits and Pieces column a few months ago. I was a long time fan of the good Colonel’s down-to-earth articles in Guns and the American Rifleman magazines. But one thing I’ve noticed about him, seeing that he was a famous handgunner, is that he never ever wrote anything about hunting with a handgun. Have you ever noticed this? Did he ever mention hunting with a handgun to you?
Peter Lockwood

A: Funny you should ask me that. Years ago I was having breakfast with Bill Jordan and Charlie Askins, both of whom had been members of the U.S Border Patrol in the Texas-Mexico region. Naturally, the talk turned to gun fights they’d been involved in, both men being noted practitioners of that lethal art. I mentioned that they’d been lucky to come through unscathed. After giving the matter brief consideration, Charlie made the profound statement: ” Waal, there’s old pistoleros and there’s bold pistoleros, but there ain’t no old, bold pistoleros.” Later I asked Bill and Charlie why they’d never written any articles on hunting with a handgun. They both scoffed at that question and Bill replied: “Why in hell would anyone use a handgun for hunting big game when they can use a rifle.” Charlie, always the pragmatist added that he considered hunting dangerous game with a handgun more of a stunt than anything else, and Bill nodded his agreement. “Gents,” I said, “I agree with you perzackly.”




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