Ruger’s Gunsite Scout

Conforming to the late Jeff Cooper’s vision of a Scout rifle, the Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout is the latest rendition of this versatile, handy-dandy bolt-action carbine. Furthermore, it was designed with the active cooperation and approval of Gunsite, the famous firearms training centre he founded in Pauldon, Arizona. Features include a forward-mounted Picatinny rail for intermediate eye relief scopes, a ghost ring rear sight with a rugged, protected post front sight together with a few other details not seen on previous Scout rifles. These are a black- gray laminate stock with spacers to adjust length of pull, a M77 action and 457mm hammer-forged barrel made of stainless steel, (the American version has a 419mm barrel with a flash suppressor and silencer) and, of course, Ruger’s integral scope rings.

The firearm’s length is only of 970mm with a 457mm barrel. Weight of the gun is 3.175kg. With resistance to corrosion and stability of zero, the carbine stands up to rugged country and extreme weather. The Ruger Gunsite Scout appears well prepared to compete against the two other Scout rifles on the market made by Steyr-Mannlicher and Savage. The Ruger Scout is chambered in .308 Winchester,a round that has enough power to take most of the big-game animals in this country and is equipped with a 10- shot box magazine that offers more firepower than the competition – something that will hold lots of appeal for those Aussies who hunt pigs in areas of scattered lignum.




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