Remington Mod' 504 action detail

Remington Model 504 One of The Best

Remington Model 504 Rimfire
Remington Model 504 Rimfire

Q: I recently was given a Remington Model 504 bolt action .22 rimfire rifle that is still in the original box. An old guy had it under his bed since 2005 and when he went to that great big hunting ground in the sky, his wife made me a gift of it for helping her look after their farm. Can you give me some background on it? What kind of scope would you recommend I get?
Percy Jenkins

A: The Model 504 was undoubtedly the finest .22 rimfire rifle ever made by Remington. I reviewed one in .22 LR back in August 2004 and another in .17 HMR in February 2005. The cylindrical receiver, machined from a bar of carbon steel was only 20mm shorter than that of the Model 700 and the walls were extremely thick and rigid. The nickel-plated bolt has a 90-degree lift and short 32mm travel. It locked with the root of the bolt handle and a smaller lug on the opposite side of the bolt body. The bolt has dual extractors and a nicely shaped bolt handle. Lock-time is very fast – only 3 milliseconds. A cylindrical recoil lug is drilled and threaded to accept one of the two bolts that hold the barreled action to the stock. The trigger is adjustable for weight of pull, overtravel and sear engagement. A good safety feature: the trigger is designed to prevent sear engagement from being reduced below a safe level. The 500mm barrel has Remington’s famous 5-R rifling which is the same that was used on the 40X rifle. Chamber was what “Big Green” called semi-match and was securely attached to the receiver by a clamping system. The classic-style stock had a satin finish, laser-cut checkering, a rubber buttplate and metal grip cap carrying the “Golden R” logo. According to my log, the .22 LR delivered 5-shot groups at 50 yards measuring from .60 inch with Eley Tenex and averaged .90 with high velocity stuff. The Model 504 is a good gun and I’d mount a good quality scope – something like the Leupold VX Freedom 3-9×33 EFR.

Remington Mod' 504 action detail
Remington Mod’ 504 action detail




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