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Loads for the .300 Whisper

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Q:  I  have used a Bergara Scout V2 rifle in .300 Whisper with  a  420mm barrel for some time. Now I want to start reloading but  have no data. I have 100 once fired Hornady cases and die set.  Can you tell me what is the best powder for the Sierra 110gn JHP  and the Speer 125gn TNT? These are the two bullets I’ll be using  most of the time, but can you recommend a bullet and load that  will be more effective on goats and pigs? I’ve been using your  data for my .17 Hornet and have Lil Gun and Win-296 on hand, but  will buy another powder if necessary. Is there anything I should  know about problems I might strike when reloading the  .300  Whisper? I’ve been told that I need to crimp the bullets? Is this  really necessary?
Harold Austin

A:  Reloading the .300 Whisper (a.k.a .300 AAC Blackout) which is  based on the .223 case, is pretty straightforward, and you  already have the two best powders for that cartridge. A 19gn  charge of Lil Gun drives the Sierra 110gn JHP at 2390fps and the  same weight of W-296 gives the virtually the same velocity. With  the Speer 125gn TNT 18gn of Lil Gun gets 2195fps and 17.5gn of W-  296 achieves 2110fps.  Probably one of the most effective bullets  for pigs and goats would be the 150gn Sierra GameKing lofted out  at about 1930fps by 15gn of Lil Gun or 16gn of W-296. In order to  crimp the bullets you’d first need to trim all your cases to be  of uniform length, but it isn’t needed in the Bergara single  shot. The Whisper’s range is limited to around 150 meters with  the lighter bullets and 100 with the 150-grainer   and residual  energy at those distances is  also reduced which only emphasizes  the need for proper bullet placement




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