7mm WSM Factory Loading

Requiem For The 7mm WSM

Winchester Featherwight in 7mm WSM
Winchester Featherwight in 7mm WSM

Q: I have a Model 70 Winchester in 7mm WSM like your’n. I have used the rifle with factory ammo, but now I’m ready to reload. The results I’ve gained so far are great both as to accuracy and killing power. Last easter I dropped a red stag at a measured 350 metres with a single 130gn Barnes bullet in the chest. Why the 7mm WSM didn’t achieve more popularity has me baffled. How does it compare with the 7mm Rem. Mag. for capacity and performance? Can you give me your pet load for the 160gn Speer Mag Tip?
Paul Gregory

A: I am at a loss to explain why the 7mm WSM didn’t become an outstanding success like the .270 WSM and .300 WSM did, instead it hardly got off the ground. Capacitywise, the 7mm WSM holds about 81 grains of water while the 7mm Rem. Mag . holds 74 grains – not a lot of difference there. The best loads use bullets from 140 to 160 grains and heavy charges of slow burning powders. The case has a high loading density running from 88 to 100 percent with AR2213sc and Reloder 22. My

7mm WSM Factory Loading
7mm WSM Factory Loading

pet loads include: the Hornady 140gn GMX and 70gn of RE-22 for 3220fps; the 150gn Remington Core-Lokt and 68gn RE-22 for 3150fps; and the Speer 160gn Mag Tip and 63gn of RE-22 for 3006 fps. All loads sparked off with the WLRM primer. In the event you can’t source Alliant powders AR2213sc works just as well – 72gn with the 140gn for 3300fps; 64.5gn with the 150gn for 3090fps and 65gn with the 160gn for 3000fps. These loads are all safe in my Model 70, but in the interest of safety work up from 3 grains below.




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