Mossberg Action Strong And Safe

Mossberg Model 100 Patriot
Mossberg Model 100 Patriot

Q: I believe the Mossberg Patriot rifle is being chambered for the 33 Nosler. I am interested in purchasing one of these rifles for sambar and water buffaloes on a trip to the Top End I have planned for next year. I am worried about the strength of the Mossberg action as I’ve been told the 33 Nosler generates 65,000 psi. Do you think I am worrying unnecessarily?
Ronald Denham

A: The Mossberg Patriot is based on the Model 100 ATR action, the tubular receiver is machined from bar stock and has a washer-type recoil lug and washer like the Savage 110. The bolt locks up as securely as a bank vault via two large locking lugs, and the right lug houses a sliding extractor. The bolt body is has six spiral flutes and a plunger-style ejecctor is housed in the left side of the bolt face. A prominent gas shield protruding on the left side of the bolt protects the shooter in the event of a ruptured case. In all the rifles I’ve tested the bolt was very smooth and a two-position safety just behind the bolt handle operated very positively, but doesn’t lock the bolt. The rifle features a free-floated, button-rifled barrel with a recessed crown. The one-piece polycarbonate magazine feeds as smooth a silk. I haven’t tested a Mossberg in 33 Nosler and have no specs, but I can assure you that the action is plenty strong enough to handle it. Hornady and Nosler brass is also very strong.

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