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Swift Scirocco
Swift Scirocco

Q: I bought a box each of 130gn/270 Swift A-Frame and Scirocco bullets to try on game. The latter is a long streamlined bullet with a polymer tip and boattail, whereas the A-Frame is a pretty dumpy semi-point with a flat base. What can you tell me about them and the kind of game they are best suited for? Can you suggest a good load for each?
Fred Jefferies

A: “Scirocco” means “hot desert wind.” Swift introduced the line in 1999 making it the first polymer-tipped, bonded-core bullet on the market. It has an extremely thick copper jacket about 2-1/2 to 4 times thicker than more conventional gilding metal jackets.

Swift A-Frame
Swift A-Frame

For all-around use in your .270 when the wind blows hard and the finest accuracy is required the Scirocco with the high B.C of .450 is hard to beat. The bonded core ensures high weight retention at high impact velocities and the polymer tip aids expansion at low impact velocities for maximum tissue damage and energy transfer. The A-Frame is a stoutly structured big game hunting bullet intended for larger, tougher, thick-skinned, big- boned animals, such as elk and moose. It has front and rear cores separated by a thick partition of copper. The front core is bonded to the jacket. The 130gn A-Frame penetrates deeper and retains more of its original weight than the Scirocco 95-percent against 70-percent. For all around use under all conditions, the A-Frame is the best but when the game is way out yonder and the wind blows hard,the Scirocco is a better choice. A maximum charge of 55gn of AR2209 drives the 130gn Scirocco at 3130fps; and the 130gn A-Frame at 3100fps.Work up from 2 grains below.

Swift A-Frame Heavy
Swift A-Frame Heavy




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